Thursday, August 27, 2009

The Fire station

Today, the Mother's Club took a little field trip to the Fire station. You could almost throw a ball to it from our house... okay, maybe you'd have to throw two balls, and you'd have to have a really good arm, but it is really close so we took the stroller and walked right over. At first my kids didn't seem interested, and it seemed as though we would be staying in the stroller the entire time. But after 10-15 minutes, Big brother warmed up to the idea and started exploring around. They gave us a tour of the firehouse, showing the kids where they sleep, eat, work out, relax, and of course, get their gear on. One of the firemen even got all dressed up in the gear, with the oxygen masks on and everything, telling us why they wear each thing and how it works. They even let the kids come up and touch the gear! Big Brother liked his hard hat and big boots. Mama's Boy mostly stayed in the stroller and ate fishy crackers. But they both LOVED touching the big wheels! And at the end, the firemen got out one of the hoses and let the kids take turns holding it while it sprayed water. It was really neat and the firemen were so great with all the little kids. So thanks  Fire station! It was a fun little field trip!
We have also done some other fun things in the last month... I'm just not great at always taking pictures... The boys spent a lot of time with their cousins last week. We went to the park, went swimming, had a family dinner, a sleepover, and loads of laughs. Mama's Boy, who doesn't like many people, LOVED his cousin Caitlyn. He always wanted to hold her hand and have her hold him. It was really sweet. Big brother plays well with all his cousins, but he seemed to want to copy everything his older cousin (by 4-years) Brian did. When Brian wanted to look out the window, so did AJ. When Brian wanted to lay on the couch, so did Big Brother. It was really cute. Of course I didn't take any pictures, but I promise... it was a good time. So good in fact, that's why I didn't have time to take any pictures!
This last month, we have also taken the boys swimming a few times at Aunt Julie's house. At first the boys weren't too big on it. But now, they do great! Big brother likes to kick his legs and Mama's Boy tries to blow bubbles. Of course, Mama's Boy only lasts so long... about an hour, but a huge improvement from the beginning of the summer. Thanks Grammy Pammy and Duni for helping us out. It's nice for ME to have a break once in a while!

(Mama's Boy and Aunt Duni)

(Big brother and Grammy Pammy)
We also took a little field trip to Pixie Woods with the Mother's Club. Its a really cute, inexpensive place to take the little ones. It has a whole bunch of themed playgrounds, and a picnic area, as well as a water area for kids to run through. They also have a few rides, but my kids are WAY TOO SCARED for those. But they had fun playing on the different themed areas and of course, their favorite was the swings... cause we don't have those at home!I have also gotten to take some MUCH NEEDED mommy time to do some fun things. One of my friends had a little So You Think You Can Dance Finale party, with yummy snacks and great conversation. It was really fun. We also had a great Enrichment this month, with a fabulous dinner and some classes on getting ourselves organized. The classes were great and it was fun hanging out with everyone. I also went to a Mother's Club "Moms Night Out", where we decorated cupcakes. It was much easier than I expected and lots of fun. We did Owls and Flowers with Ladybugs. ... and they were yummy!

And here are just some pictures of the boys hanging out.

(My sweet little boy saying "cheese" for the picture. It doesn't quite work out into a smile.)
(My recently "fuzzy-haired" boy. Doesn't it look like he has just gotten into something naughty and he's saying "it wasn't me".)

(Big brother helping Grandpa and Daddy fix his little motorized truck. He LOVES to help Daddy change batteries on toys and use his tools.)

(Mama's Boy getting food all over my couches... as usual...)