Friday, January 14, 2011

What is that smell???

It's me! I stink I know. I'm so lame. Sorry I've been so out of touch here. But we are alive. We are healthy... As far as we know. And we are happy! Just really really busy! Christmas was great with the family, the kids were so much fun! We are getting ready to move in a couple weeks. Which we are SO excited for! But everything that goes with buying a brand new home is sort of a headache. I'll just be glad when everything is done. Trying to take down Christmad stuff and pack... I'm feeling a little overwhelmed...
The Boss is rarely home, but we enjoy when he is! Between his job and his calling, and my calling, dance festival, and other community obligations, I feel like we are just passing eachother! But we do find time together to relax.
The kids are staying busy... Sorry I don't have any pictures! Queen Bee runs all over the house, trying so hard to play with her big brothers. They are nice to her for the most part :)
Mama's Boy plays with his trains he got for Christmas EVERYDAY!! Big Brother is enjoying joy school and is really starting to say interesting and funny things. I can see he is really taking on the big brother role... He has become quite the little bossy cow!
You probably won't here from me until after the move. Once we get everything together again, perhaps I can get back on a consistant schedule.
Much love!