Monday, August 22, 2011

The Big Brother, The Mama's Boy & The Queen Bee

I think its obvious that I have fallen into a funk and clearly neglected my blog. I have a million excuses... but you don't care. Right now I have time, because shutterfly is offering 50% off on photo books until Wednesday and I have about 8 to create by Wednesday and uploading over 1,000 pictures on 8 different albums takes some time. I can't leave the computer unsecured because Queen Bee will terrorize it. So... I've got some computer time. Why not blog! No better time to get back into it than the present. Writing is such an outlet and deep passion of mine and I almost never take the time to do it. One of my new goals. Sometimes I think... "no one wants to read about my rambling thoughts"... then again, I'm not really sure anyone reads this anyway, so what do I really care? Plus, we are in a technological world now... use your scroll pad and skip my ramblings.
How about an update on my 3 lovelies?
Since I last blogged, we have moved into our new house (I'm NEVER moving again), gone through dance festival, 2 Florida trips, a Las Vegas trip, planning a retirement party (for a teacher), my class reunion, and summer fun! We are now getting back to some sort of a schedule with 2 joy schools starting in a week. Here is the update...

The Boss:
The Boss has been busy with his calling at church. He is doing well at work and is enjoying all his success! He wishes "real" Boss would give him more attention, but us ladies know how that goes. The Boss is still busy running or biking everyday. He recently joined the board for the BYU East Bay Alumni Association. If the boss has even one free day... he finds a way to volunteer his time away. We sure love him!

The "real" Boss:
Life is finally getting into a normal routine. With Dance Festival, which was seriously insane, I was eating and breathing dance with the youth. It was tons of fun... but man was that a lot of work! My familia saved us by temporarily adopting my children. Thanks mom and dad! I haven't been able to start up the things I enjoy yet... I haven't exercised consistently in months, I haven't read a book since Christmas, I haven't blogged since January, I haven't done a scrapbook page in about 2 years. However, I am part of a card making group... Hopefully, I can start more of these things I love so much to keep my sanity. The Boss does a good job of letting me out every now and then, so I can't complain. He doesn't like it when I'm insane. I get to have plenty of fun. Plus, as much work as Big Brother, Mama's Boy, and Queen Bee are... they are such fun to have and watch grow. They say and do the silliest things. You trade great things for better things I guess.

The Big Brother:
Big Brother is starting his second year of joy school and is super excited. He has LOVED sun beams and has recently been practicing baring his testimony... we'll see if he'll get up and do it in church! He likes to boss everyone around and while he is quite slow moving, he is stubborn as they come. He is at that age where he loves to ask me questions about things. A sign my little boy is growing up! Tomorrow he and Mama's Boy are getting bunk beds. Big Brother is pretty excited about sleeping on top... we'll see if he actually does it. He still rides the tri-cycle while Mama's Boy rides his Lightening McQueen training wheels bike. He is starting to get more aggressive and is really coming out of his shell. He says he wants to play baseball, so next year T-Ball here we come!

The Mama's Boy:
Mama's Boy does not like to go far from home. He likes to stay nice and cozy by mom. He gets to start his first year of joy school in a week! He is so excited. Really. He picks things up super quick and has a determination to try things himself. He does have a tendency to get jealous of Queen Bee. Especially when it comes to mom holding her. They get along well. His "mama's boy" side just comes out. He sort of has this crazy erratic behavior. He likes to chuck things... especially toys. And especially in nursery. Mama's Boy is my slightly destructive child. He rips books, pulls out food, plays in the dirt, cuts things up... I call it being creative. :-) He can be a little rough, but he loves to cuddle and be held. Plus, he has such an embracing personality. He is such fun. Usually up for anything!

The Queen Bee:
I'm not even sure how to start this one. Queen Bee has thrown me for a loop. She is not nearly as laid back and easy going as the boys are. She wants to do EVERYTHING herself. She loves putting shoes on and doing her hair. I think it makes her feel like she is going somewhere. She likes wearing dresses and skirts. She plays well with the boys and certainly holds her own, theres no question about that. I never know when she is going to go all nuts on me... when she suddenly is not getting her way, she totally freaks out and throws her body all over the ground kicking and screaming. I calmly step over her and ignore it, but sometimes she flips out so randomly! She is starting to talk more and more which is helping the "freaking out" phase. As nuts as she is, she is SO MUCH FUN. Lots of drama. But fun. She has such a way of making your heart melt. When she isn't giving you a nasty snobby scowl look, her smile is infectious. She wants so badly to be a big girl. The boys are pretty good about tending to her needs and including her. Her and Mama's Boy have some battles over mommy sometimes, but I think that is expected when you have multiple chicklettes.

So there you go! Here are some pix of the last 8 months. Hopefully I'll be around more now!

Having fun with all their puppets after Christmas

The face and clothes may be dirty, but the bow in intact.

Mama's Boy turns 3!

Big Brother turns 4!

I just love her!
Why kids love playing in their car seats I will never know...

The kids loved the Aquarium at Mandalay Bay

Cheese Ball!

In Las Vegas! Bellagio to be exact.

The Cousins
Big Brother finished his first year of Joy School

The "real" Boss' of Joy School

Thanks Eli Lilly! The Four Seasons Palm Beach, FL

South Beach! Water was BE-U-Tee-Full!

The Fourth of July Parade!
Waiting for the parade to start

Waiting in their little camping chairs for the parade!

We tend to hang in our jammies when we don't have plans for the day...