Sunday, October 18, 2009

New rooms

Some of you may or may not know that we recently put AJ and Mikko in the same room, so Emma could have her own. They have done excellent sleeping in the same room together! AJ is in a big boy twin bed now. My little boy is growing up so fast! He loves to fill Mikko's crib with books and toys in the morning when they wake up. I think Mikko rather enjoys it! Here are some pics of their new room.

Of course I am terribly limited on what I can do since we rent. Which means no paint!! I don't get to do EXACTLY what I would like for Emma's room, but I've had a lot of fun doing little projects for it. We really don't have the money right now to do all the things I'd like, but it has turned out nice.

I made these really cute bow and picture boards. So cheap! And I LOVE them WAY more than any I saw online or at any store.

I also recently took a trip to Phoenix where I visited my cousins Devin and Tanya. Tanya was so sweet to show me how to make these little headbands with flowers. It was fun, cheap, and so practical. She also showed me how to make a little ballerina skirt. So I made Emma's first little ballet skirt. LOVE IT!!

I also made the letters we put over her crib. Well, I didn't make the actual letters... but I painted them, sanded them, and then stuck the little butterfly and flower on there (which I also painted and sanded). I've had so much fun with all this!

So, here is her room so far. We are all ready for little Emma to come!! Thanks to my mom and dad for getting Emma her bedding. I LOVE it, and it makes me feel ALL READY for her!

As I mentioned, Aaron and I went to Phoenix a couple weeks ago, where he had a business meeting and I visited friends and family. I don't have any pictures, but I hung out with Jill (and Kelli was there visiting), going to the outlets and eating at Rain Forrest Cafe. It was fun! My kids would LOVE that place! We were seated right next to the moving loud elephants!

I also got to visit my cousin Devin (whom I hadn't seen in years) and I met his wife Tanya and cutie kids Rylie and Ezra. It was so much fun hanging out with them. Tanya and I did some crafts (the headband bows & ballet skirt), we got to eat at Cafe Rio (YAHOO!!!), and just hang out with the kids and visit. Thanks for letting me hang out guys!
Sorry it has been so long since I've posted. I am just SO tired all the time right now. While in Phoenix, of course, I got the stomach flu. Then, a few days later, Mikko got the stomach flu... then AJ... then Aaron got sick. Now, I am sick again with a cold and possible respiratory infection. AWWWWWHHHH!!! Its not bad enough that I'm having a baby in a few weeks, (cause that doesn't make you tired), I have to be sneezing, and coughing, having headaches, heartburn, ear aches, completely drained of any energy, and I get to clean up other peoples throw up, hold crying sick babies, and not completely ignore my poor husband. Thats my rant. Hopefully things will get better soon. Aaron and the kids have been feeling much better, which is fabulous. I am getting an ultra sound done in a week to see how big our little Emma is, and once we do that, I think we'll be able to pin down when I'll be induced. Right now its looking like November 9th, or 16th. So, I'll try to be better about keeping everyone updated.