Tuesday, March 31, 2009

You've had a birthday shout HOORAY!!!!!

March is "The Lehikoinen Children Birthday Celebration" month. You know how much we love parties... we love attending them... and throwing them.

Mikko turned ONE on March 14th. The first birthday is one of the most important ones. So of course we had to have a huge bash. I was hoping for a lovely sunny Saturday, so we could put our very useful backyard to work, but of course it was cold. And windy. And wet. So we had a BBQ "inside". We literally had to put the BBQ in the garage, because it was so windy out here, the flame kept blowing out. Anyway, it was a blast! We had roughly about 80 people in our house. Both family and friends. But most were children... so the number is a little deceiving. But it worked out great! We ended up having to put Mikko down for a nap during the party, and opened up the gifts later that night after everyone left and Mikko woke up (much happier) after his nap. But one-year-olds are unpredictable... just like our weather here in Mountain House! Thanks to everyone that came, and those who couldn't make it... we missed you!!

This is the fabulous cake my cousin made for Mikko. I couldn't even attempt something like this. Thanks Laurie!

Mikko really wanted to try and touch the flame.

This is Mikko reacting to everyone shouting at him to blow out the candles.
... what a spaz... it was hilarious.

He was a little hesitant to dig into it at first.

But he caught on... fast.

My boy LOVES cake!!

It was going into his mouth by the fist-fulls. He couldn't eat it fast enough.

And your first year would not be complete without the first haircut. I know what your thinking... "your kids don't have ANY hair!" This is true. But what little wisps they do have, were getting a little too long. I like clean cuts. I felt Mikko looked like a little old man hillbilly, with these random hairs growing over his ears and down his neck. No. No. No. No. No. He was actually very good. I think he liked the vibrating feeling on his head. I know he looks a little scared in the first picture. But that's just Mikko's crazy blank stare look. I think he quite liked it. And I think he looks SO handsome with his new cut!!

And at last AJ turned TWO on March 30th. While this is a fun birthday (turning two), it isn't quite as important as turning one, so instead of a huge birthday bash, we had a mini "two-year-old-friend" bash. Again, I was hoping to put our yard to good use, but the wind and cold took over once again. Having it inside worked out just fine. We had some Elmo coloring pages, snacks, and of course toys to play with. We had cupcakes and opened presents, then played some more. He LOVED ALL his gifts. My children now officially have TOO MANY toys. But after everyone left, it was fun to see him and Mikko fight over the new gifts. Aaron also had fun with some of the new toys... trying to teach AJ to catch a ball... hit a baseball off a tee... play golf... it was hard to get him to help me clean up! So thank you all! It was lots of fun!!

Singing Happy Birthday to AJ. He couldn't take his eyes off that flame!

When we tried to get him to blow out the candle, he just kept putting his face closer and closer to it. Maybe birthday #3 he will finally be able to blow it out himself.

He ate it very delicately... with his hands. He still NEVER wants to use utensils!

**As a side note. I cannot do ANYTHING on the computer while my children are around. The second they see the light of the green "on" button shine, and hear the light tap of the keyboard, they immediately swarm me and think its time to play on the computer. Mikko turns the power button on and off and crawls under the desk and pulls the mouse cord. And AJ slams his little fingers all over the keyboard while I'm trying to type. So... I tried to get this post done while BOTH children were napping. Of course, they woke up earlier than expected and have been crying for me to go get them for the last 20-minutes. One more minute-one more minute, I kept saying. Which has turned into 20. They have now stopped screaming, and I suppose are content with the fact that mommy is not coming to get them and screaming takes too much energy. Is it a little sick that I have no problem listening to my children cry in their cribs while I selfishly write on my blog?

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Secret Secret... keep it keep it

Shhhhh... I have a secret.

I am DYING to tell someone!!!!!!

I don't know how much longer I will be able to keep it all to myself.

But it is good! It's so juicey. But I'm not a gossip. So for now. I can't tell anyone!!

But I really want to. I want to tell all of you. Any of you. One of you.

Don't you want to know what it is? Who it's about? What it involves?

I promised I wouldn't tell. But now I'm mad I even know. Don't you hate that? Perhaps in time it won't be a secret anymore and I won't have to keep it.

But right now.... I have a secret... and I have to keep it.

Monday, March 16, 2009


I FINALLY got Mikko's pictures taken. I really have been meaning to do it for the past couple of months, but between runny noses and bruises on the forehead no time has been a good time. But since Mikko was turning one-year, I had to get it done! So we got Mikko's one-year photos, and AJ's two-year photos done. I know they aren't smiling. They hardly ever smile for pictures... case and point, our Christmas letter photo. But I was very happy with the way they turned out.

It was really funny... there was a cat roaming around at the photo site and both the boys were completely fixed on it. AJ was walking around saying "meeee-owwww". It was really cute. i think my boys look so grown up! How does that happen?!

Mikko's birthday was lots of fun. He was hilarious with his cake! Post to come!!

My little Mikko all grown up!

I like this one because you can see how blue his eyes are.

Not my favorite photo, but at least he's not crying!

This is Mikko's signature look. He does smile... I promise! Just not very often.

This was the only decent shot we got of AJ. He was so concerned about following the cat around, it was hard to get a shot of him looking at the camera. But I think it clearly depicts AJ. That's how he usually looks!

These were just supposed to be some candids, but they turned out to be my favorites!

My two boys! I sure love them!!

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Big Boy

My little Big Brother is becoming such a BIG BOY!! Last weekend, we turned his crib into the toddler bed. Why you ask? I don't know! I thought he would be ready for it. My kids are SLOW at pretty much everything. This was the ONE thing, I thought he could do early. Not that it's early... the boy will be two at the end of March, but you know what I mean. On-time than. That sounds better.
(This is Big brothre getting ready for bed. He likes to bring all his blankies up with him and lay down on the pillow. I know I know... the pacifier is next to go. I hate that stupid thing. I'm going to ween him and Mama's Boy together. )

Anyway, it has surprisingly gone good. I'm sure I'm using some very unorthodox mommy no no's to make it work. But frankly... I don't care! The nights have gone AMAZING... the naps... a little tougher. But he does eventually fall asleep. How do you get him to stay in his room you ask? I lock him in there. Now, let me defend myself before you jump all over me. Big Brother is a very passive, compliant child. So while I do leave him in his room, he doesn't scream and holler to let him out, once he figures out he can't leave the room, he plays for a few minutes then crashes. If I let him go in and out of his room, he goes straight into Mama's Boy's room. And when Mama's Boy sleeps, I can't have anyone disturbing him... especially Big brother. So all I do, is put the baby gate up at his door, so that in theory, he can still open and shut his door... he just can't get out. When he is ready to get up, I hear him open his door and go get him. If Mama's Boy wakes up BEFORE Big brother, I take the gate down and let him come down when he wakes up. Not so bad... right? It has worked great! ... so far.
(crashing on the floor for a nap. I think as far as the naps go, he just gets tired and decides to crash on the floor. I'm pretty sure he doesn't fall this far from his crib. But whatever... he's asleep!)
The only thing I feel really bad about is that he is constantly falling off the bed. I don't think it hurts him cause the boy just stays fast asleep. But then he sleeps the rest of the night on the floor. Every night around 11pm, we hear a loud "thump" from him falling onto the floor from his bed. When we go to check on him, he's sound asleep on the floor! I feel bad. For two nights, I was going in there and putting him back in his bed. But a few hours later he would just fall out again. The funny thing is, I don't know how the heck he's falling out of it. The bed has the little bumpers on it. And his body seems too big to slide through the middle. All I can think, is that he's rolling OVER the little bumpers. I don't know. So... so far, its been a success. I feel bad hes resorting to the floor, but I'm not sure how to fix that. If you have any advice, I'd love to hear it.

(When he falls off his bed, he's usually a little closer to the crib. But I don't know... I guess he looks comfy. He is laying on top of a blanket...)
PS- I posted pictures from Valentine's Day on my "Happy Valentines Day" post from a couple weeks ago. Sorry it took so long.

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

From Hero to Zero

I'm not ashamed to say I watched The Bachelor this year. The boss and I enjoy a little reality TV from time to time. I wouldn't say we're complete fans... but I was this year... until now.
I think it is so amazing how a guy can go from being viewed as one of the most amazing guys EVER to the biggest JERK (so not to use profanity) in the world... in a matter of minutes. I just think it's hilarious!

We don't usually expect these "Bachelor" things to work out. Trista and Ryan are making it work (and I DID watch that one), but most of the time, they're just crap. I guess our expectations for Jason were just TOO high... or maybe we expect people with children to some how be more responsible and respectful... or maybe we think someone who has been through it themselves, is better capable of making the "right" choice for the proposal... I don't know. Stupid.

I feel horrible for his son. The Boss would comment all the time on how "if he's such a 'great guy', why is he dragging his son through all this". Dully noted.

I of course wanted him to pick Melissa, but whatever. Apparently the "chemistry" wasn't the same. Things were "different". Yah you IDIOTS, it's called "real life". This is why relationships from these kinds of shows very very very very seldom actually work. It ain't always paradise!

I actually think Jason will get a worse wrap for this than he probably deserves. I'm sure he's a decent guy. A really STUPID decent guy. He knows he is seriously going to be hated by every female for the way it played out. I know it's not fair. But seriously, ABC milked this dry. They aren't doing him any favors. Its almost like they're TRYING to make seem more like an a**hole. Wait a go ABC! How decent of you. Such class. But be careful. You may have had a good night tonight, but you may have pissed people off just enough to stop watching the show. Which would make you a Zero. Enjoy!

I can't WAIT to hear what the morning shows have to say about this!