Thursday, September 2, 2010

Oh Boy! I've Got JOY!

       I totally have this little song stuck in my head... "Oh Boy! I've got joy! I do, I do!" and my fellow joy schoolers know exactly what I mean! That's right. Big Brother started Joy School this week! (Thats a bagel in his hand if you're wondering)
       We have been so excited about this. I've been prepping him for it the last couple weeks. I won my very first bloggers giveaway "back to school", so we went and let Big Brother pick out a little back pack (Thanks Veronica! He was so excited. I was a little nervous about how he would do. I knew he would be fine behaving, (he's usually very good), but he tends to be on the shy side. I was afraid he may not participate well, but I've been told (and they could just be trying to make me feel better) that he is doing great!
     He sings, talks, follows direction... I am so proud of him. He has come home both times eager to tell me what he did. And now, every time our doorbell rings, he says... "Mom... is that Miss Jen?" I think it is so adorable. I'm amazed at how much he already remembers. He sings me the songs, tells me about his craft project. He even tells me who was naughty... hehe. I can't wait until its my turn to teach. I'm so excited to see him in this element. And it has been so neat sharing this learning experience with him and being so involved. I've also enjoyed a little more quality time with Mama's Boy and Queen Bee. Although Mama's Boy has cried both times Big Brother has left because he "needs to go to school too mom".... I'm going to try and plan some extra fun things just me and him so he doesn't feel so left out. I just can't believe I'm already at the place where I have one at school for a few hours! My baby boy is growing up WAY TOO FAST!!!

     A week ago, I "off the cuff" decided to try and potty train Big Brother before he started school. I know what you're thinking! He is 3 1/2... potty training should have happened a year ago! Well... Big Brother is on the later side. I envisioned it being a nightmare, and while I won't go into too many details (cause who really wants to read about someone elses kid using the toilet) it was a success! The first two days were... frustrating. We didn't have many accidents, but it was a lot of staying at home and crying. I got some great advice from friends that worked perfectly! Since Big Brother was substantially older, I hoped he would pick it up quickly and he did. No accidents since Saturday! So our little boy has taken some pretty big steps this last week. And I had no idea how nice it would be changing one less diaper!! Whooo Hoooo for meeee!!

     And, I posted these two pictures of Queen Bee cause I think she is so cute! Plus, that top picture shows her Brand - Spankin - New -Two - Bottom - Theeth! Congrats little Queen Bee, you know have chompers!