Saturday, March 20, 2010

I'm a terrible, horrible, no good, very bad, blogger

Here's my excuse... and it's real...

Our desktop computer has crashed. The Boss has a work laptop, which I can occasionally use to check email, but doesn't download photos well, and really is supposed to be used for work only. We've been out of town a lot, and fixing the computer has not been a priority. I still don't know when it will be fixed... our luck, we'll have to buy a new one... which we can't afford to do right now, so we'll go without. So, I may not be around too much.

Blogs without pictures are so very boring, so feel free to pass on reading this one. It will primarily be used for journal purposes.

Our family was supposed to take a trip to Florida, since The Boss was having to fly there for work. Last minute, the boys got sick and it looked like it was supposed to rain the entire time, so my mom, who was planning on flying to Florida with us, decided to stay behind with the two boys while Queen Bee and I went with Dad. Florida... Florida, Florida, Florida. It was such a bad experience, I really don't ever want to go there again! Sorry Floridians. First of all, the flight alone is just WAY TOO LONG. Its especially WAY TOO LONG for anyone under the age of like 14. Luckily, Queen Bee was incredible on the flight. She never made a fuss once. But, changing a baby on an airplane... not cool. Making a bottle on an airplane... not cool. Feeding a baby on an airplane with no extra room... not cool. We had to change planes with only a half hour to do so... also... not cool. Queen Bee and I stayed at my parents time share, which was extremely nice! (The hi-lite of my Florida trip). It had gorgeous pools, water slides, a lazy river and wave pool, it was FANTASTIC. At least, it WOULD have been fantastic if it wouldn't have rained almost the entire time. And by the way... I've never really heard anyone talk about the rain in Florida. You could say... for instance... your walking along Daytona Beach. The sun is shinning. It feels like 70 degrees. Your wearing short sleeves and a skirt. You are pushing your baby in a stroller, who also has short sleeves on. Since you are walking on the beach your car is about half a mile away. Then, out of nowhere... literally... out of nowhere, it starts POURING down rain. Not a cloud in the sky. No thunder to warn you. No cold breeze to tell you that you might want to start heading back toward your car. NOTHING. And I'm talkin monsoon rain. Not "Bay Area drizzle". Like I'm in a freaking rain forest. Then you get COMPLETELY soaked running back to your car with your stroller. ... you know... for instance.
On the up side, when it rains, its warm rain. So even when your getting soaked in your summer clothes, at least your not cold. Another downside however, was that Queen Bee and I got totally sick. First, Queen Bee started throwing up all her food. She was waking up in the middle of the night with fevers... I'm sure the neighbors appreciated that. Although the middle of the night thing could have partly been due to the time change. Which neither Queen Bee or I ever adjusted to. After the second day, I got sick. Also waking up in the middle of the night with chills, sweat, throw up. I just couldn't wait to get home. Really. Sorry Florida. It wasn't entirely your fault, but I have no desire to visit you again. I just wasn't impressed. Maybe Orlando and Daytona are not true representations of Florida. Either way, we won't be going back ANY time soon.

Three days after we got back from Florida, we went to Disneyland with the Lehi Family. I was expecting the very worst going to Disneyland. My kids are total fraiddy cats. I thought Mama's Boy was going to be horrible without a nap. I thought both he and Big Brother were going to be too afraid to ride anything. I thought we were going to blow way too much money on overpriced food. But.... none of that happened!!! It was SO MUCH FUN! Mama's Boy was AMAZING all day. We spent three days there and never once did we return for a nap and he was such a good little boy. The Boys stayed in the strollers most of the time, and when they wanted to walk they stayed right next to the strollers. They LOVED the rides! And we got to take Queen Bee with us on almost all of them. So it wasn't very often when The Boss or I had to stand outside and wait. It did take the boys a few rides to warm up. We did not spent ONE DIME on food! We brought sandwiches and snacks with us every day. The boys LOVED Toon Town. I think that was by far their favorite. We had so much fun, we ran out of time and never even made it over to California Adventure. Big Brother really like the Finding Nemo ride and Buzz Lightyear. Mama's Boy LOVED the cars (Autopia), and the train, of course. We can't wait to go again. It was so much fun!

From Disneyland, we drove strait up to Provo, UT. The Boss helped out with interviews for Lilly at BYU (he was in total and complete HEAVEN!) The kids and I went to visit cousin Tiff. My kids loved playing with ALL THEIR TOYS!! We got to meet baby Sammy, and just hang out. It really was a lot of fun seeing Maddie and Chloe too. I sure wish we lived closer to them, our kids are so close in age! We stayed with Uncle Bro and Aunt Lucy for a couple nights. Hopefully we haven't turned them off from having kids.... remember... you get them one at a time... not three at a time.... But I think the boys really enjoyed it. They hear us talk about Uncle Bro and Aunt Lucy, and they see them in pictures, but they don't get to visit them very often. The best part about it though, was that the boys got to see the snow for the first time. They LOVED ITTTTTT! When they woke up in the morning, it was still snowing. For about a half hour, they just stood with their little noses pressed up against the window watching the snow fall. It was cool to watch. Big Brother called all the trees with snow "Christmas trees". It was cute. While in Utah for our VERY short visit, we also got to see our good friends the Thompsons. We met up with them at the Mayan, for a quick visit and a quick bite. We got to meet their newest addition also, baby Isaac. He is a daddy look a like! It was so fun visiting with them. We miss them SO MUCH!! tear tear. Then we spent a night with Aunt Dani and Uncle Curt dawg and the Bigs cousins. Our kids always have fun with their cousins. We love you Bigs... move back to Cali!! That goes for you too Thompsons! We went to church with the Bigs, where they have Relief Society first, Sunday School, then Sacrament Meeting. ...yah... that REALLY didn't work with our kids. It was pure torture... kudos to anyone that has to do that every Sunday. Then we made the long trek back home. The kids did well in the car... but it is hard travelling anywhere with three little kids and all the crap you have to bring with you. Good thing we have a van!

Most recently, Mama's Boy had his birthday. He turned 2!! Mama's Boy really is the funniest kid. While he is our naughtiest and most grumpy child, he is also the one who laughs the most and has the most fun. It really is a funny combo. He is full of so much life. He is ALL boy, loving cars, trains, and most of all dirt. He eats everything. He pinches, he pulls hair, and he bites, (spending ALOT of time, in time-out). But he also gives the most hugs, the best kisses and loves to cuddle the most. He talks like crazy. He repeats EVERYTHING we say! He is finally doing well in Nursery and is really starting to warm up to other people, without having to be right by my side the entire time. He LOVES to give Queen Bee kisses and hugs. And is always bringing me her blankies and clothes. He usually insists on feeding himself now, and really likes to copy everything Big Brother does. Mama's Boy was so cute on his birthday. We just had a little family birthday party for him, where he got all things trains. He was satisfied after opening one gift (a train) and was completely uninterested about the rest. Which is why I didn't throw him a real party. We love him so much and are so glad he brings so much life to our family... even if he spends half of it sitting in time-out.