Monday, March 16, 2009


I FINALLY got Mikko's pictures taken. I really have been meaning to do it for the past couple of months, but between runny noses and bruises on the forehead no time has been a good time. But since Mikko was turning one-year, I had to get it done! So we got Mikko's one-year photos, and AJ's two-year photos done. I know they aren't smiling. They hardly ever smile for pictures... case and point, our Christmas letter photo. But I was very happy with the way they turned out.

It was really funny... there was a cat roaming around at the photo site and both the boys were completely fixed on it. AJ was walking around saying "meeee-owwww". It was really cute. i think my boys look so grown up! How does that happen?!

Mikko's birthday was lots of fun. He was hilarious with his cake! Post to come!!

My little Mikko all grown up!

I like this one because you can see how blue his eyes are.

Not my favorite photo, but at least he's not crying!

This is Mikko's signature look. He does smile... I promise! Just not very often.

This was the only decent shot we got of AJ. He was so concerned about following the cat around, it was hard to get a shot of him looking at the camera. But I think it clearly depicts AJ. That's how he usually looks!

These were just supposed to be some candids, but they turned out to be my favorites!

My two boys! I sure love them!!


Life on Pelican Street said...

I love the pics!!! No surprise how cute your boys are! Where were the pictures taken?

dntbaker said...

soo cute! i love them.
we really need to plan sometime when we can all meet up. i told devin we should go visit gpa wilkerson.. how far away are you guys from him?

Christina Bess said...

Very cute pics. They are growing up into such handsome little guys!

Kristie said...

Those are so cute! I love Mikko with his toungue out that is too cute. Your boys a so fun and B loves to play with them.

The Jeffs Family said...

So cute! I love the candid shots the best. Your boys are growing up way too fast!

Paige said...

Your boys are gorgeous. You are a fantastic mom. I love your new header!

Colleen said...

I love that one with the boys by the fence! How great! They are such cuties! And you totally cracked me up with the bruises on face, etc, comment. We have so been there!

Hazen5 said...

Could your boys be any cuter? They look exactly the same. You guys have great genes! I love your new blog header picture.

Jill said...

What handsome little men!!! I can't believe Mikko is one already!!! How time flies!
I love the pics--they are priceless! What cute little guys!!!