Tuesday, March 3, 2009

From Hero to Zero

I'm not ashamed to say I watched The Bachelor this year. The boss and I enjoy a little reality TV from time to time. I wouldn't say we're complete fans... but I was this year... until now.
I think it is so amazing how a guy can go from being viewed as one of the most amazing guys EVER to the biggest JERK (so not to use profanity) in the world... in a matter of minutes. I just think it's hilarious!

We don't usually expect these "Bachelor" things to work out. Trista and Ryan are making it work (and I DID watch that one), but most of the time, they're just crap. I guess our expectations for Jason were just TOO high... or maybe we expect people with children to some how be more responsible and respectful... or maybe we think someone who has been through it themselves, is better capable of making the "right" choice for the proposal... I don't know. Stupid.

I feel horrible for his son. The Boss would comment all the time on how "if he's such a 'great guy', why is he dragging his son through all this". Dully noted.

I of course wanted him to pick Melissa, but whatever. Apparently the "chemistry" wasn't the same. Things were "different". Yah you IDIOTS, it's called "real life". This is why relationships from these kinds of shows very very very very seldom actually work. It ain't always paradise!

I actually think Jason will get a worse wrap for this than he probably deserves. I'm sure he's a decent guy. A really STUPID decent guy. He knows he is seriously going to be hated by every female for the way it played out. I know it's not fair. But seriously, ABC milked this dry. They aren't doing him any favors. Its almost like they're TRYING to make seem more like an a**hole. Wait a go ABC! How decent of you. Such class. But be careful. You may have had a good night tonight, but you may have pissed people off just enough to stop watching the show. Which would make you a Zero. Enjoy!

I can't WAIT to hear what the morning shows have to say about this!


The Jeffs Family said...

I am waiting to see what the ladies of the View are going to say. I read the message boards to find out the results and still stayed up watching. How pathetic!

Colleen said...

Yeah, I quit that show after failed engagement #1567. I think my last season was the season when they couldn't even do an "After the Final Rose" show because the couple hadn't even made it that long! So lame. I had such hopes for this guy too, even though I still decided not to watch. It sounds like that was a good decision! Sorry you had to go through it all with him only to be disappointed...yet again!

Janell said...

Oh Brandi I am so with you on this. I'm so bugged I even watched it. I seriously haven't watched The Bachelor in years but I had high hopes for this one and I was sucked in. Now I'm annoyed and I don't think I'll ever watch Bachelor again. Ugh!

Life on Pelican Street said...

Hilarious!!We have never watched the Bachelor until this season. We were really rooting for this single dad who was scorned not only by his ex-wife but by whatever her name is from last season. And yes, “ we expected people with children to some how be more responsible and respectful... or maybe we think someone who has been through it themselves, is better capable of making the "right" choice for the proposal…” Well I guess we were wrong. We weren’t able to watch the season finale last night so when we woke up this morning that was the first thing we checked online and we couldn’t even believe it. Dirt bag city!! These people who go on these shows live in a dream world with the mansion they live in for 6 weeks, no jobs, good food, parties and drinks every night, helicopter rides over the Himalayas and when they are suddenly thrust into real life…hmmmm things aren’t quite as perfect….DUH!!!!!!! I think I’m going to switch careers and become a life coach.

Leslie said...

I guess I should have watched it.
now I am curious and will have to look this stuff up to see what this loser did. ha ha
love you!

Bonnie and Brian Wayne said...

that so funny - I blogged about this too. I actually didn't watch since wyview days but got sucked into the finally. I was rooting for Melissa as well. And I was TOTALLY SHOCKED by the after the rose ceremony. But I have to say I was so shocked and into it I was glued to my seat. I totally blew off mine and Brians "Forest Gump" night because I sheepishly told him I had to know what was happening.

I totally laughed about how dumbfounded Molly was. I even read Chis Harrison's blog about the whole thing, which was enlightening.

Anyway - what a crazy night that was.

I am glad Melissa is on "Dancing with the Stars" Good for her!