Wednesday, February 25, 2009

American Idol Blog Trouble

I am alive. This STUPID laptop hates my blog and freezes every time I try to post pictures. That's why I haven't had any posts and the posts I have made, lack photos. Eventually I will get to my desktop and add the photos.
We have been so busy and things are not going to be slowing down. I know many of you are much busier than I am... I guess your just better at managing your time. :)
Right now I am in San Francisco. I am at The Westin, watching American Idol and trying to get Mama's Boy to GO TO BED!! This boy does NOT want to sleep in the crib at this hotel. The Boss had a big presentation to do last night, so when Mama's Boy woke up at 2am and wouldn't fall back to sleep, I took him in the stroller and walked around with him until 6:30am (so the boss, and our hotel room neighbors, could get some sleep). After walking around for 3 1/2 hours, I was confident he was completely out (about time!) so we came back into the hotel room where I left him asleep in his stroller until 9:30am. I was so freaking tired!! Then, (this is how wacky this kid is), he takes a 2 hour nap in the crib at 11am. I took him shopping for 5 HOURS, and he was nearly PERFECT! Now, it's almost 9pm, he's been sitting in the crib for over an hour and refuses to fall asleep. I am going to go CRAZY!!! HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! At least I have my American Idol. Which is sorta sucking tonight.
PS- The Boss surprised me last Wednesday morning and took me to Pismo Beach for 3 days, as part of my Valentine's Day gift! So sweet! And much needed!! It was so fun... we needed a few more days. I'll do a post next week after we get back from the cabin and I'll put some pictures up. I promise!! No... I don't.


Colleen said...

Welcome back! I will have to try that orange chicken at the Chessecake factory next time I am there...yum! You guys are such the travellers! I totally sympathize with the crib in the hotel, I don't think I have EVER had a kid who slept well in a hotel. It sounds like you have some fun travels ahead and behind though, so that gives you good things to think upon at 4am!

Christina Bess said...

I haven't been to Pismo Beach for years, but I used to go there all the time. Very nice place, and certainly a place I could spend a few days... if we ever have that much "free" time.

Debbie said...

I completely understand the no sleeping thing. I feel for you. We moved to Fresno and had to live in a hotel for 10 days straight. I was also going crazy like you. In response to your comment on my blog. I would love to get together sometime! The next month is a little crazy but once the baby is here and we get settled into our house things should be a little bit more calm. I will be in touch:)

Justin, Amy, and Grace said...

Oh man! Hotels are nightmares with babies. We spent 2 weeks in Las Vegas in September and Grace would NOT sleep. We've recently figured out that if she knows we're in the same room as her she wants to be in bed with us. I'm so jealous of your trip to Pismo. We used to go camping there every Easter when I was a kid.