Saturday, May 30, 2009

Picture Updates

I've been really bad about posting pictures and updates... so here they are!!

We had a goodbye "Scum" Party with the Thompsons and Hobbs. Aaron's BYU running cap (I guess that's what you would call it), was the scum hat. Notice everyone had to wear it... except me. Oh... and my Dad was there too... he stayed President the entire game except one round.

We had to bribe our children with candy to get them to take pictures. That's probably why I wasn't in a hurry to post any... because none of them turned out!!! We had a great Easter nonetheless with family and friends.

Camping for Memorial Day Weekend:
We decided to go camping at Treasure Mountain for the holiday weekend. We went with both Grandma Donna and Grandma Pam, and of course, Grandpa. While this was a little bit of a challenge with the boys, all in all it was really fun. The boys TOTALLY enjoyed being 24-7 dirty. Mikko picked up and ate every kind of dirt, rock and plant... but he seems to be fine. And I can't tell you how many times AJ said "flower" and "hot" (for the camp fire) on this trip. Thanks to the grandmas and grandpa for making it so much fun... and much more manageable! Three extra adults sure does help!!!

Shaelie's Choir Awards:
Tonight we went to the Liberty Choir Awards Dessert. Of course we ate TONS of dessert. But we mostly went to hear Shaelie sing and get some fabulous awards. She sang a solo and sang with DIVA. Both were fantastic even if they were filled with lots of tears! And of course, when my boys weren't running up and down the aisle, they were eating as much dessert as their little tummies could take.


Hazen5 said...

Great updates! We miss the Hobbs, hope you are taking care of them for us. And camping at Treasure Mountain, that place brings back such great memories for me. I miss Pam, tell her Hi for me!

Colleen said...

A lot of fun is being had there in Lehikoinen land! I hope you are feeling well through all of it. I am so glad your camping trip this time was better than the last one I remember you posting about. And the Easter pictures aren't bad at all! At least you can get those boys looking in the direction of the camera, sometimes with Luke we don't even get that!

Jenibelle said...

I love that you take your boys camping even at their young ages. You're lucky to have such young grandmas!!

Those boys are adorable!!!!

Kate said...

Wow... we LOVE the scum pictures, especially John. Really it's his own fault for always making weird faces in pictures.