Saturday, May 30, 2009

Picture Updates

I've been really bad about posting pictures and updates... so here they are!!

We had a goodbye "Scum" Party with the Thompsons and Hobbs. Aaron's BYU running cap (I guess that's what you would call it), was the scum hat. Notice everyone had to wear it... except me. Oh... and my Dad was there too... he stayed President the entire game except one round.

We had to bribe our children with candy to get them to take pictures. That's probably why I wasn't in a hurry to post any... because none of them turned out!!! We had a great Easter nonetheless with family and friends.

Camping for Memorial Day Weekend:
We decided to go camping at Treasure Mountain for the holiday weekend. We went with both Grandma Donna and Grandma Pam, and of course, Grandpa. While this was a little bit of a challenge with the boys, all in all it was really fun. The boys TOTALLY enjoyed being 24-7 dirty. Mikko picked up and ate every kind of dirt, rock and plant... but he seems to be fine. And I can't tell you how many times AJ said "flower" and "hot" (for the camp fire) on this trip. Thanks to the grandmas and grandpa for making it so much fun... and much more manageable! Three extra adults sure does help!!!

Shaelie's Choir Awards:
Tonight we went to the Liberty Choir Awards Dessert. Of course we ate TONS of dessert. But we mostly went to hear Shaelie sing and get some fabulous awards. She sang a solo and sang with DIVA. Both were fantastic even if they were filled with lots of tears! And of course, when my boys weren't running up and down the aisle, they were eating as much dessert as their little tummies could take.

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Just too lazy, finally 26, and yes... we're crazy

Sorry I haven't posted lately. I've been VERY lazy. You have no idea how much energy it takes to walk upstairs to the bedroom, turn on the computer, wait for it to warm up (I swear it takes forever), load up the Internet and then begin. All while children are asleep, because mommy CANNOT be on the computer with the boys around. It is WAY TOO interesting. The green, computer "on" button, is so fun to push while mommy is in the middle of typing an email. The keyboard is so FUN to push buttons on... they make that cool sound... which makes trying to surf the net, really interesting! And of course pulling the mouse and (Mama's Boy's favorite) putting it in his mouth. It just doesn't work. Plus, now that it's getting hot, our bedroom (of course on the top floor), gets too warm during the day and I'm too cheap to turn the air on just so I can use the computer. Anyway, lame as they are, those are my excuses. It does seem like we have been busier than usual, and while I would have loved to give each of these events their own blurb... too much time has past so I'll just give you a little update from the past month:

1. My birthday! April 22, I turned 26... whoop-eeeeee. The Boss got me two books... which I have LOVED reading, and WICKED tickets, which I am totally excited to see. Thanks honey, you are the BEST!

2. I don't remember what day Easter was, but it was fun. We stayed home and had some family over and our friends the Hobbs (since their family is so far away). Big Brother finally caught on to the Easter Egg Hunts. It really was a lot of fun. Of course they mostly just liked the CANDY!!

3. Women's Conference. I took a trip to Utah to go to Women's Conference and it was SO MUCH FUN! I really may come back and do a blurb on this, because I have so many wonderful things to share. The day before I was supposed to leave, plans changed and I had canceled my trip. But last minute, thanks to some encouragement and support from my wonderful hubby, within a two hour time frame, I booked a flight, packed my bags, and drove to the airport. And it was SOOOO worth it. Thanks to Dani for letting me stay at her house and keep me company. And congrats to Lil Bro and Lucy on their new house. It looks fabulous and I can't wait to see it when we come back in August! And my fabulous husband had the house spic and span when I got home. He even vacuumed the whole house!

4. Our dear friends the Thompson's moved to Utah. We are VERY sad. I have nothing else to say about that.

5. Mother's Day. Ugh... While my handsome and most amazing husband is always wonderful to me on Mother's Day, and every other day during the year, this day never quite works out the way you plan. Both the boys got sick the previous day. Big brother threw up ALL OVER the Walmart aisle. I'm just glad I wasn't there, thanks honey for taking one for the team. And Mama's Boy had 101 temp. So naturally Sunday was a two-parent job. While I would have loved for the Boss to DO EVERYTHING, and me do nothing... with two sick kids... I wish that on NOBODY! He did let me go to church by myself, although I am in nursery, so I'm not sure what kind of break that is, but when I got home, the whole house was sparkling clean and vacuumed. That's right ladies! I have NEVER seen my husband vacuum a floor in the 6 1/2 years we've been married in one-week, he's vacuumed the whole house (our house is huge right now) twice! U R the BEST!!

6. And... in case you don't already know, however, I'm sure most of you do, Lehi Baby #3 is on its way! Due November 20th! However, if baby #3 follows baby #1 and #2, he/she will be coming a couple weeks early... here's hoping!! I can't wait to change 3 babies diapers in a day... 2 truly has NOT been enough.
... and yes... we're crazy! But seriously, if your kids were this cute, wouldn't you want to keep having them?!