Monday, January 4, 2010

Christmas 2009

Our Christmas this year came and went much too quickly. With the baby and moving, our house has been in high stress mode. It seemed like the boys were sick the entire month of December, making it very difficult to go out and do much. We had all these grand plans of things we wanted to do with the boys to celebrate the Holiday Season... but since they always seemed to be sick, we hardly got to do any of it.

At any rate, Christmas was fabulous, spending time with family, eating good food, and mostly watching AJ and Mikko get excited. I hosted Christmas Eve, with the "small" Schwitters family (my mom, dad, & Shaelie), Grandma and Grandpa Schwitters, and Grandma Donna. Barry and Lauren were there via web cam for some of the night, and while it was nice having them participate... it would have been MUCH MORE FUN to have them here in person. Maybe next year I can talk them into coming to California! We had a yummy dinner, opened some gifts from GG, read The Night Before Christmas, Played out the Nativity mixed with some songs, put the boys to bed, Played some Twilight Scene It, and went to bed. Grammy Pammy, Grandpa, Shaelie and Grandma Donna, all stayed the night with us. It was a packed house!

This year we really toned down the gift giving, due to a rough economical year for us, but I think it turned out great! We got the boys a few toys... a little shopping cart, that AJ loves to push all his stuff around in being one of them, but mostly they got books and puzzles (which they love)! I got Aaron some BYU work-out pants, a tie, and some stuff for the shooting range (Aaron's new hobby... shooting his gun). Aaron got me my very beloved glee CD, (which I listen to ALL THE TIME... LOVE glee!), some Uggs (which I never would have bought myself), and a board game I've been wanting for almost a year, Ticket to Ride. We decided Emma didn't need any gifts, since she can't open them anyway and she has everything she needs. Grammy Pammy got her some animal hand puppets, and GG got her a little outfit, so she did get a couple of gifts. Shaelie definitely took the cake for most gifts! We miss you Shae!! Grandpa made us a yummy breakfast after opening gifts, and then it was off to Modesto! We spent Christmas Day with the Lehikoinens (minus the Bigelows... we missed you guys!) We had a very delicous ham dinner, had a white elephant gift exchange, and played some loaded questions. We topped off the night by driving out to see some awesome Christmas lights in Mo-Town.

I am horrible and didn't take many pictures. It was too hard... I always had a kid on my lap! But her are a few from before Christmas and on Christmas morning. Hope you all enjoyed your Christmas as much as we did!

** The random pictures of the boys eating pizza is in there for fun. My boys LOVE pizza. They would eat it for breakfast, lunch, and dinner if they could. And you're probably wondering why my kids are eating pizza in they're pajamas... well its not because they're eating it for breakfast, its dinner time, but I never got them dressed so they're in the nighth before pajamas. Don't worry, we bathed them and put them in new pajamas before gong to bed... DON'T JUDGE ME!!

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