Monday, April 5, 2010

Easter was a lot of fun with the boys this year. They got to participate in four Easter Egg hunts! By Easter Sunday, they were pretty good at getting eggs. Mama's Boy would shake them each before he put them in his basket. In fact, since the first Easter Egg hunt they did, a week before Easter, every morning they would wake up with their baskets and say "we want to get eggs!", it was so cute! We started off by coloring Easter eggs at the Lehi home, with all the Lehi cousins. The boys actually did pretty well. Big Brother liked just throwing the eggs in the dye... we had a lot of cracked eggs. :) But they mostly liked to color on the eggs with crayons. That was the safest way to go anyhow. Once we pulled out the stickers to put on the eggs, all they wanted to do was stick them on themselves. Oh well! It was super fun either way!

Easter morning was especially fun. The Easter Bunny left eggs for the boys to get, as well as a basket of goodies. Of course all Mama's Boy cared about were the trains that he got... go figure. They were really cute though, they even put some eggs on Queen Bee's walker. She surely didn't get it, but she enjoyed the attention! Grammy Pammy and Grandpa came over and made a very yummy breakfast. They we got to enjoy a special treat this year, General Conference. I absolutely LOVE General Conference. We never miss a moment of it. Every talk, on Saturday and Sunday, is always spectacular. With Easter on the same Sunday as General Conference, it makes the true meaning of Easter so wonderful. I really do wish every Easter was on the same Sunday as General Conference. While Conference is great every time, it really spoke to our family in a special way given the trials we are facing at this time. It was just perfect, and it will forever be a Conference and an Easter we will always remember.
After the second session of General Conference, we headed out to Modesto for dinner and an Easter Egg hunt with the Lehis. We had a wonderful yummy dinner and enjoyed hanging out with Grandma and all the cousins. Our kids just love all their cousins. I have really enjoyed seeing them play and have fun together lately. I hope they will always be close.

Hope you all had a wonderful Easter, that you were able to enjoy it with family and people you love. Reflecting on our Savior, and everything he suffered for us, that he rose and lives, and that we may rise and live again with him someday brings such peace to me.

Spending Time with Grandma

Our family has had some unfortunate news lately. Grandma D (The Boss' Mom) is very very sick. We have been spending a lot of time in Modesto visiting with her and being together as a family. Grandma is very special lady. She has had a remarkable story, from the very beginning. A story which I would love to tell with her permission in a later post. But she truly is an ultimate grandma. She loves her grandchildren more than life itself. She kisses and cuddles them. She is especially close with Big Brother. Big Brother loves taking walks with his grandma. He also likes to swing with her on her porch swing in the backyard. A couple weekends ago, The Boss and his sisters were doing their moms yard work and decided to plant some flowers for her. The boys just LOVED helping with the flowers. Since Grandma can't plant them, the boys and her sat on the bench watching. While this has been an extremely emotional time for our family, it has been truly wonderful spending so much time together.

Birthday #1 and Birthday #2

In March, we celebrate two Birthdays!! This year Mama's Boy turned 2 on the 14th, and Big Brother turned 3 on the 30th. I decided not to have big birthdays for either one. Instead we just invited some immediate family over for cake and ice-cream.

On Mama's Boy's birthday, I made him a chocolate cake, with his favorite candy on it... M&Ms! If you really know Mama's Boy, you know he LOVES trains! We got him some Thomas the train track and cars. He plays with them everyday and loves carrying the train cars around. Mama's Boy has grown so much this year! He LOVE LOVE LOVES to talk! He repeats anything you say. He is ALL boy. He loves playing in the mud, running around outside, running his trains and cars along the walls, playing in sand and with rocks. He also likes to bite his brother, and spends many a times in time out. But he is so loving too. He gives kisses and hugs. He really loves to share and plays well with other kids. He loves to sit on Mommy's lap and cuddle, but he loves going places with daddy. He eats pretty much anything and is literally an endless pit when it comes to food. He sleeps great. He naps great. He really brings so much fun and laughter into our home. Happy 2nd birthday Mama's Boy!!

For Big Brother's birthday, I made him a chocolate cake with oreos. Big Brother loves cookies. As well as lucky charms, fruit snacks, Costco pizza, apples, and yogurt. Big Brother got his first bike and a wagon. He can't ride the bike yet, but we are working on it. Both he and Mama's Boy love the wagon though. They want to be pulled all over the house! Big Brother is so sweet and tender. He just stands there and lets Mama's Boy bite and scratch him while he says, "no thanks, please stop". Of course Big Brother talks a lot also, only he is now talking in sentences and really comprehends things. This just boggles my mind, seeing him grow up so fast. Its so funny to hear him say certain things. You wonder how his mind is processing it. He loves watching movies. He would sit in front of the TV all day if we let him. We limit him to one movie a day, which he gets to watch while Mama's Boy takes a nap. He really loves books. Now, I find him flipping pages and reading (not really reading though) to Mama's Boy. I think its so cute! He loves letter and numbers, and will carry around puzzle pieces and blocks that have letters on them. Its really interesting how obsessed he is with them. While he is much cleaner about things, Big Brother too loves to play outside. He is mostly a car boy, but he likes to play trains with Mama's Boy too. The two of them are such pals I LOVE it! I can tell when Big Brother is getting bored... if Mama's Boy has been sleeping for a long time, he will say, "mom, lets get Mama's Boy up, its time to play". He loves bossing him around (but in a sweet way most of the time). And Mama's Boy gladly follows, always up for anything. They truly are so fun to watch. And while it was a little hard in the beginning when I first had Mama's Boy so close to Big Brother, it really is so much easier now. It really makes me think that if I wait long enough, I could do another two really close. Right now... I still have three in diapers, so we are in NOOOOO rush. But I love seeing them as best buddies. And I think its funny that everybody thinks they are twins. We love our little boys and were so happy to celebrate their birthdays!

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