Tuesday, July 22, 2008


Okay, so we have finally started a blog. ... I have finally started a blog. Just so you know, I did start one a few weeks ago and I somehow totally deleted everything and was forced to start over. I was very angry. So after a while of "cooling off" I am ready to go forward again. No more deleting... I hope. We enjoy keeping up with everyone, hopefully you can enjoy keeping up with us. I will try not to make this my personal soap box (since it is about the family and not all about me) so politics will probably be off limits. Enjoy!

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Jenibelle said...

Welcome to your new addiction!!! The boys are so cute and you are such a beautiful mommy (but I knew you would be!!) Love you tons and can't wait for you to share in Lolo's special day. (She has a blog too!)