Monday, July 28, 2008

A special day...

Yesterday was a special day. Our niece Caitlyn got baptized. We are so proud of her! She looked so pretty in her white dress that Grandma D made her. The whole evening was a lot of fun. The Boss gave a talk on baptism and I sang a song. It was really nice. However, our boys sure didn't do us any favors. Mama's Boy spit up all over me twice right at the beginning of the event. And Big Boy was suffering from major "no-nap" naughtiness. Both boys are usually so good. I brag all the time. And of course, as we are sitting in the front row... everyone gets to see them both acting out. I felt like eyes were watching me thinking... "that poor couple has to deal with those naughty naughty little boys". But if I know one thing about both my boys its this... NAP TIME IS ESSENTIAL!!! So, despite the lack of sleep, once we got out of the chapel and to familys house for dessert, the boys did much better. Mama's boy fell asleep and Big Brother had a blast following the little dog around. It was fun hanging out with the family, especially the Bigs, since they live far away and we don't see them enough. Congratulations Caitlyn! We love you!!
Caitlyn and Mama's Boy hanging out the day before she got baptized.

The Boss and the Lehi bunch... Ryan (I just got braces on 3 days ago); Alyssa (I'm going to BYU and can't wait); Emily (I love babies... especially Kennadi); Tyler (I look just like my Dad when he was my age) ... seriously he does, I just saw some pictures the other day.
Three beautiful women!! Just kidding... actually I'm not... we are hott! Me, Danielle & Sariah.
Aunt Sariah and Big Brother. He was giving her kisses, but I missed the photo opportunity.
Our family with Caitlyn on her special day.
Caitlyn and Mama's Boy

Big brother trying to eat the coffee table decor. ...Whatever keeps him happy!


Dudley Family said...

You look beautiful!! And your boys are adorable!!!

Janell said...

What great pictures! It's so much fun spending time with family, especially for such a special event.

Glad you are blogging now...I love seeing pictures of your cute family. You certainly give me hope that life can still go on with two little boys in the house. Crazy sometimes I can see, but there's SOME sanity, isn't there? :)

Christina Bess said...

Is it just me or does the last picture of AJ show that his hair is getting lighter?

Bryan, Rachel, Ben and Tyler Nichols said...

You're so pretty Brandi! I love your blog. AJ and Mikko are so cute.