Monday, December 15, 2008

As good as it gets... right?

Christmas photos this year were a FREAKING nightmare. Next year I just need to pony-up and spend the BIG BUCKS to get it professionally done. I felt like it was impossible to get my kids to take a decent picture. If one wasn't looking the other was, and vice-versa. For some reason, I felt like my kids instantly wanted to tick-me-off trying to get a decent picture of all of us. As soon as the camera came out, so did tears, naughtiness, and squirming. Can't I catch a break?!! The one we finally picked was...okay. We had to give AJ a sucker just to get him to stop screaming. In case you have had similar problems, I have so graciously posted part of our nightmare. Perhaps this will not make you feel so bad:

(Ha ha ha, so funny AJ. Mikko looks like he is constipated.)

(Yeah, I love the drool all over your shirt... classy)

(The only one who looks good in this picture is Aaron. But he always looks good. Mikko has a scary evil-looking smile on his face and of course AJ is trying to get down off the bench.)

(Seriously AJ... you can't just look at the camera? Come on man! Mikko is trying to stand on my lap.)

(I am yelling at my mom to just keep taking pictures... we are bound to get ONE good one out of 50 shots. Maybe. This one is just all-around bad. But this was what most of the shots looked like.)

Following are the ones we narrowed it down to:

And the winner is.......

This is as good as it gets folks. At least I got them out... right?


Colleen said...

So funny! I was thinking of doing a post like this too! I feel like we live in a parallel world with you guys. How many stupid, nasty pictures do we have, only to choose the first stinkin' picture we took because of all the bad it was the least bad? And even the professional ones aren't awesome all the time, I have Josh's 2 year picture and he is smiling looking up and reaching for the lolly we were promising him if he smiled. Unfortunately, the bribe got in the picture, so he is all lit up a lolly. Nice. Fortunately your boys are so cute, they don't need to have cheesy smiles on their faces to still look adorable!

Kim said...

At least the problem was your kids not your husband! Dustin looks like he is ticked off in all our pictures. I make our cards every year. This year they were made before Dec. 1st! They are addressed and stamped and here it is the 15th of December still sitting because I can't decide on which picture he looks halfway decent in. I love getting cards with pictures so I can't not send a picture out with our cards. Ugh...I think I need to just do it and mail them out.

The Beans said...

I think they turned out great. At least you tried! i wasn't even brave enough to try to get a decent shot.

By the way, I'd love to tkae your pictures anytime!!

Life on Pelican Street said...

Man it’s difficult just trying to get my husband to focus and smile at the camera, I cant imagine what it’s like trying to get kids to dot he same!

Christina Bess said...

I love that AJ has a sucker in his mouth. I think it adds a little something to the picture. Great job getting them out. I'm going to be thankful if we even take a family picture let alone send any out.

Janell said...

Ha ha ha, I loved this! We did the same thing--just take 500 pictures and surely one will turn out, right? Nope. We had to do a little photoshop and swap out heads. Our picture still isn't great. But seriously, I loved the picture you sent. I thought it looked great and being a mom myself, I totally understand the sucker. We can all appreciate it!

Paige said...

I forget my husband is even in the picture because it's all ME ME ME and then BEA, and then the other kids.

I noticed the Lollipop when I got your cute pic and was proud of you for the bribe! Someone taught you well. And by someone I mean ME.

Bryan, Rachel, Ben and Tyler Nichols said...

Ha, ha...I just posted on our blog how we're not sending out Christmas cards because of your same reason. But, we got your card today and we love it!!! You have such a beautiful family. Thanks for always thinking of us. You're awesome for sending great cards.

camille said...

Yea I was so happy to see your comment and find you guys. We miss y-view also. Your boys adorable. I love reading your blog you are so funny Brandi. Keep in touch

Love Camille Smith