Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Shower Powder

So I have been SOOOOO lazy. I still haven't downloaded pictures from Christmas. That's why I haven't posted. Its on my list of things to do this week. But I make no promises. I've missed all you!!! Hope your holidays were well. Our holiday was... interesting. It'll all be in the Christmas post. ... Something to look forward to (I promise no profanity this time).

Today something happened. It was... a little sad. I ran out of baby powder. Silly, I know. But, the thing is, I have not had to buy baby powder yet. At all. Thanks to all my friends and family, I got enough baby powder from my AJ baby shower (AJ will be 2 in March and I didn't have a shower for Mikko) that I have not had to buy any. My shower powder supply has lasted me almost 2 years with AJ and 1 year with Mikko. They both get a bath every night, at which time powder is "puffed" onto the bum. When there are rashes or large poops, I usually powder them fresh also. That is a lot of freaking shower powder. I calculated that I have probably done somewhere around 1,500 "puffs" of powder on a bum with my shower powder. But today... my shower powder ran out. I will now have to go out and actually buy some baby powder. Some non-shower powder. However, my friends and family are so wonderful that I still have NOT run out of baby lotion or baby shampoo. My shower supply is still stalked! While I love my shower powder, shampoo, and lotions, why can't I have this same problem with diapers? We just spent $150 on diapers and formula for the month... ouch! Do you know how much shower powder, lotion, and shampoo I could buy with $150? It would last a heck of a lot longer than one month. A girl can dream... for now... to Target I go for my non-shower powder.


Justin, Amy, and Grace said...

Baby showers are great aren't they? We should have them with every baby. We didn't have to buy diapers for MONTHS after Grace was born. AND now that she's a year old I don't have to do the formula thing any more. She's strictly whole milk, so I have lots of money in my pocket again for other things (which I'm sure will end up being spent on diapers or some other baby necessity). I look forward to reading the Christmas post!

The Beans said...

That is hilarious! I rarely use powder. Sometimes Aliza wants it on her bottom because its "tickely". That's what she calls it!

Soon, we'll be back to two kids in diapers, I am not looking forward to it! I don't know whether to concentrate on potty training Aliza or getting her into the big girl bed...I don't really feel like doing either, so I am sure I won't!

Jenibelle said...

Oh...it means your babies are growing...which sucks!
Rachel said she saw you in the BYU bookstore, I thought you were turning back? Can't wait to hear the details of the blizzard traveling!

Colleen said...

Awww, one of those little milestones that isn't always recorded! I think I have purchased only one or two bottles of baby shampoo in my life, just because of shower gifts, that's eight years of shower-shampoo!