Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Christmas post!!! Only a month late :)

As promised (even if it is a month later) here are pictures of our Christmas extravaganza. An extravaganza is exactly what it was... (caution -- this may totally bore you!)
We decided to spend Christmas in Utah with Aaron's family. We planned on leaving the Monday before Christmas, but as some of you may remember, huge storms were all over Utah and California (Tahoe area). We were feeling reluctant about driving right through a storm and were going to cancel the trip. But me, not wanting to flake out on everyone, convinced Aaron that it would be no big deal and if we had to chain up (by the way, we drive a van that is NOT all wheel, so chains are required) I would help him put them on. So we headed up about 1pm.
What do you think was waiting for us in Tahoe? You guessed it! First a crap load of traffic, then a crap load of snow! We were completely behind schedule with the crazy traffic and were forced to chain up at the beginning of Donnor Pass. Traffic was moving about 5-10 miles an hour, which was fine because one of our chains fell off... twice... and we had to pull over and fix it. Notice how I say "WE", really it was Aaron. There was nothing I could do. Well, actually, I lie, I held the flash light, because it was totally dark outside... and freezing.
We finally made it to Reno (hours later) with Aaron totally mad at me for convincing him that this was a good idea. It took hours to get over Donnor and we knew that there were at least 4 or 5 more spots going through Nevada that would require us to put chains on again. And according to the weather reports, the storm was supposed to be getting worse, not better. I really didn't think Aaron could get any angrier at me, but when we pulled up to McDonalds, we found ourselves with a flat tire! We ended up shredding the tire, needing a brand new one. Of course everything was closed and it was official... we were going to have to stay the night in Reno and fix the tire the next day. Aaron had had it! He made up his mind that the trip was cancelled and when we got the tire fixed, we were heading back home. No more Christmas in Utah.
We ended up staying at a pretty decent Hotel for only $50 bucks (The Silver Legacy, check it out if you ever need to stay somewhere nice and cheap right downtown). So while we lucked out on finding a decent Hotel, we got totally ripped off buying our tire. Seriously. They raked us. It was criminal! And by the way, we didn't have any pack-n-plays so Mikko slept in bed with us for the first time and I seriously don't know how you people do it. I hardly slept at all. It was a nightmare. But Aaron felt much better after waking up (if that's what you call it, he barely spelt too) and decided that we would just make the trek to Utah and just vow to NEVER DO IT AGAIN!
So we were prepared to make several stops to put on chains, muddling through the stormy weather and wouldn't you know it? We flew right through Nevada and didn't hit one storm or flurry. It was crystal clear with no snow on the roads.
We spent a wonderful Christmas with the Lehikoinens. It was really fun waking up to a literally white Christmas Day. I mean really... we couldn't believe all the snow! The cars were completely snowed in. It was crazy, but fun. Well, Mikko and AJ didn't like it. They can be such wussies. AJ totally freaked out when I tried to take him out. Oh well, I'm sure one day he'll like it. But we got great gifts, had a great breakfast, a fun snowball fight, a yummy dinner, a girls Christmas movie night of Twilight, and unforgettable memories.
We came home and did a mini post-Christmas celebration with the Schwitters (Barry and Lauren included) and had a fun time hanging out with them. Hopefully next year will be a little more "drama free", but I guarantee this will be one Christmas, we'll NEVER forget.

*PS- The way home was crystal clear also

**PSS- Mikko is FINALLY crawling!!

The Boys & Santa Clause

Christmas Eve

Christmas Day

Post-Christmas Celebration with the Schwitters


Katrina said...

You guys have not had the best of luck when traveling to Utah! The snow was so pretty but it does make everything a little more complicated. It brought back so many memories of living in Utah and being freaked out while trying to not slide on the roads! I'm glad that you eventually made it safe. The kids must have been pretty didn't mention that they weren't which is always a good thing! I'm sorry that we missed you. It would have been wonderful to see you guys. We find out in one month were (or if) John matches for his internship!!!

Justin, Amy, and Grace said...

We were in Utah for a week and half. I wish we had known you'd be there, we would've tried to see you.
P.S. I love that Mikko's shirt is soaked with what I assume is drool... classic!

Colleen said...

Another great Lehikoinen road trip! It seems that you guys are meant to be fliers! I am glad you got there safely and had a great Christmas! And your boys will learn to love the snow, none of mine did at the ages that your boys are. It is hard to walk in, cold, and weird, can you blame them?

dntbaker said...

you know arizona would have been a lot easier to get to w/o the drama! looks like you are getting really good a picasa, dont you love it!
i get induced tomorrow.. i am ready but at the same time nervous b/c now i know what to expect! so look forward to pics of the baby soon!

Hazen5 said...

You poor things! I am glad you finally made it to Utah. It was so good to see you at our usual meeting place the "BYU Bookstore".

Christina Bess said...

Your stories are never boring, I love reading them. I'm glad you guys made the trip the rest of the way and didn't turn around. It's wonderful that you guys stuck it out and got to spend fun time with the family.

Jill said...

Road trips with kiddos are nightmares as it is...but add snow in the mix...You are one brave soul!
You should have totally took pics of Aaron putting on the chains! That would have been a classic blog moment! (He would have been pretty peeved though!!!)
N-e-hoo...I am glad you got to be with family for the holidays! Your boys are ADORABLE!!! and growing up so fast!!!! Chat with ya later!

Lauren Evans said...

oh gosh, i don't even want to think about road trips when i have kids. You guys are brave, i HATE that drive through the tahoe area, it terrible. Glad ya'll made it out in one peice!

Bonnie and Brian Wayne said...

Lol - your whole tire thing totally reminded me of what happened to us coming home for our Christmas thing - flat tire - car full of kids - in our case a tow truck fee after the jack collapsed. Anyway - I totally empathize. We did realize we forgot to say a prayer before we left - we won't be repeating THAT mistake! I am glad the rest of your vacay went better!