Monday, January 12, 2009

Post-Christmas all-stress disorder

I am so pooped. I just spent all day taking down my Christmas decorations, and man am I worn out!! It makes me wonder if it is worth it to put them all up... (I know it is... I forget all about it by the time Christmas rolls around again).
It took me an hour alone to vacuum up the pine needles (fake ones) from the stairs, and I have little cuts all over my hands from stringing out the pokey greenery from our stair-railings. I also have now found that I do not have enough home decor to fill this obnoxiously large house we now live in. Since we moved in during Halloween, I immediately put up Halloween decorations, then just replaced those with Christmas decorations. Now I have HUGE holes everywhere! My house looks so... empty. Its really sad.
Anyway, I also have a list of things that need to be returned. I am SO BAD at returning things. Usually The Boss just does it for me. But scrap booking supplies.... I'm going to have to take care of that one. I have pictures I still need to download from my camera, wrapping paper and boxes in my bedroom, Christmas candy tempting me, and kids that are still sick from BEFORE Christmas.
I just feel like everything is... well... everywhere. Things are not back to normal yet and I can't wait until they are. Is there a drug one can take for this post-Christmas all-stress disorder? And don't say chocolate... that's another contributor of my disorder.

(Sorry for no pictures. It is so low on my priority list. But I'm sure I'll get to it eventually...)


Jenibelle said...

Why didn't you call Grammy Pammy to come and clean for you? That's what I would have done! I tell you, it brings tears to my eyes thinking of you as a mom and wife. I am so proud of you Brandi and love you so much. You have added so much joy to my life over the years and now here you are, experiencing it all yourself and learning the balance. Don't be discouraged, it's all worth it. (and someday when those little guys are grown, you will miss it.)

Colleen said...

Awww, Jenibelle's comment made me cry! Here is my bit of advice, or at least one thing to not worry about: the lack of decor. Give it a month and the places that truly need "something" there will stand out. I ALWAYS feel like we have such little regular decor after the holidays because I always have so much stuff up for the holidays. But once I give it a chance to mellow out, it isn't as sparse as I think!
I know what you mean though about the post-holiday burn out...I know everyone is so excited to have school starting again, but for me it feels like ONE MORE THING I have to do!! I love those lazy vacation days! Woah, sorry for the novel!

Katrina said...

I decided to take down all of our Christmas stuff before New Years and it IS SUCH A JOB! My hand still has cuts on it from our tree! Take a deep breath! Just keep on going and get it done!! The sooner that it's over with the sooner that life can get back to normal. I'm so sad for you that you have sick kids...that's so rough!

John and I flew out at the last minute to Utah because John had an interview at the Utah State Mental Hospital. He is now back home preparing for more interviews but the girls and I are still here. We are learning that living by both families is so challening and so great all at the same time. My parents now live in Saratoga Springs (just past Lehi) and JOhns family is still in Orem (about 15 minutes away). I've thought a lot about you this week!

Hazen5 said...

It was so good to see you at the BYU bookstore. It's so funny how every time we go there we see you! I am with Jeni, you should have called Pam to do your dirty work. It would have been done perfectly in an hour!

Life on Pelican Street said...

Oh the fun of Christmas decorations. I hate the ‘taking down” part soooo much that I have relegated myself to only decorating for Christmas, and even then I keep my decorations to a REAL minimum. I always hate how empty and un-festive the house feels after everything is gone. I ask myself "did the house really look this bare all year long"

Melinda (farleysmiles) said...

OK, I saw your house last night, there are no holes anywhere, it looks perfectly decorated! It was a lot of fun to chat last night and if I had known Danelle stayed so long, I would have stayed too!

Leslie said...

I am still depressed.
I am fat and lazy.
I hate the after Christmas blues.
I still have not taken my stuff down and don't even want to.
good thing your mom is going to be her tomorrow to help me. ha ha