Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Halloween fun... and a few naughty things

Halloween was really fun for us this year. I didn't quite know how well the boys would "get it" but they did and it was SO FUN!!! We started out carving pumpkins (which they didn't "get" or care at all about) with the big 'ole Schwitters clan. Aaron and I had fun carving them though, and the kids had fun playing at GG's house. Its always fun getting together as a family and catching up with everyone.

(I thought this picture was so sweet! Mikko LOVES the swings, and he especially LOVES swinging with his Daddy)

Halloween night, we went to my mom's house for her annual Halloween Party. I think she was a little disappointed that the boys didn't want to jump in the "jumpy house" she rented... maybe next year. But all the other cousins LOVED it! Its always a hit! For trick-or-treating we were just going to take the boys to a couple of houses. We put Mikko in the stroller and let AJ walk. At the first house, I had to guide AJ a little... "say trick-or-treat... now say thank you and Happy Halloween". After the first house he TOTALLY got it! It was so fun. He and Mikko both LOVED looking at all the decorations that people would have out. They would point out the lights, the pumpkins, the ghosts, etc... The only problem we had with AJ is that he didn't want to stop! My parents neighborhood is a little spread out, and with AJ walking it was taking FOREVER! So we drove over to my cousins (Laurie) neighborhood where the houses are closer together and we did some trick-or-treating with them. At one point in the middle of it all AJ was holding my hand walking to the next house and he looked up at me and said "I like trick-or-treating mommy". Ohhhhh.... it melted me. I was actually surprised, AJ never cared about eating his candy. I think he just liked going up to peoples houses and having them put something in his little bag. He never once even tried to eat it. And the next morning when we were eating breakfast he said, "we go trick-or-treating mommy?" It broke my heart! I told him he had to wait a whole year, but I'm pretty sure he didn't comprehend it. So it was a fun Halloween! It makes me really excited for Christmas now that I know AJ gets excited about things. Hope everyone elses Halloween was as fun as ours!

(Mikko was Cosmo, the BYU Cougar mascot. This was what AJ was last year. I'm cheap and don't want to buy my kids new Halloween costumes. It seemed to work well!)

(The boys also got into the dirt right before we left for trick-or-treating. So as disgusting as it is, that's not candy or chocolate you see on Mikko's face... its dirt... maybe with a little cookie mixed in.)

(AJ was a little spider for Halloween. At first he wasn't too thrilled about wearing the actual costume. But we pointed out the spider on it, he liked wearing it. He also liked telling us he had a "spider" on him.)

(As you can see, Aaron and I came up with a last minute costume idea... being limited on what I can fit into... and being cheap and not wanting to purchase anything, Aaron was a ref and I was a BYU basketball player. Everyone thought I was hiding a ball in my jersey... nope, it was the real thing!)

These are just some pictures of some of the boys' favorite things to do... naughty things to do. They do many naughty things (not too naughty though... I have no room to complain), but these are their latest favorites.
(They LOVE playing in the car! As soon as I unbuckle them from their car seats, it is a race to the front of the van to get in the drivers seat. AJ says "I driving mommy" or he says "Cocoa driving like big boy". They can't really hurt anything right?)

(The other naughty thing they LOVE to do is get into the pantry and unload ALL the water bottles. They like to stick them in random places and tear off the labels.)

The end is in sight with little Emma. Tomorrow we do an ultra sound and schedule the induction. I am SO ready! Last night was horrible!!!! And her movement is hurting me so bad now! I don't know if shes extra squished or what. Anyway, I know the last few weeks are miserable for everyone, so I'll stop complaining. But we'll try to keep everyone posted. Most likely it will happen some time next week! Can't wait!!


Katrina said...

YEAH!!!! I am so excited for you! John and I were reading your blog together...we love the picture of Aaron hugging Mikko. We wish that we lived closer and could see your parenting in person. We were laughing about how you were 3 years behind us and you have caught up...and our kids are fairly close in age. You guys are amazing!!! You look gorgeous...your face doesn't look swollen and you look like you didn't put that much weight on...good luck this week. I CANNOT wait for the updates and the pictures!

Janell said...

Fun Halloween! I love those naughty pictures. Sometimes you just have to let the kiddos do those things they have fun doing and worry about the mess later, right?! Why is the pantry such a draw to kids? And you look super cute pregnant. That picture of your pregnant belly is great. You seriously don't look like you are about to have a baby!! Good luck!

Jill said...

I Love the BYU Gear!!! Great costumes!!! Goooo Cougars!!! Happy Halloween!!!

Colleen said...

So so cute, especially you! You look so great, Brandi! I can't wait to hear that little girl is here. The boys' look great in their costumes, and I defintiely agree, it's so fun when they seem to get Halloween a bit more! It looks like it was a fun holiday for all!

Katie said...

Hey Brandi and Aaron! I just stumbled across your blog from Whitney's. Your family has grown and those little boys are SO cute! I'm so glad you guys are doing well, and I'm loving all the BYU gear. What a great idea. Perhaps we'll have to make Tanner Cosmo next Halloween. :) Tell your parents that we said hello! Love that Schwitters clan!
Katie Lewis