Monday, October 6, 2008

Fingerprints, Laundry, and Toys

Conference was so wonderful. I laughed, I cried, I felt inspired, I felt guilty, I pondered, I sang, I listened and I watched. The Boss gave me a detailed report of the Priesthood session, which he always argues is the best. I always end the weekend feeling uplifted and motivated to "DO" more good.
As I was putting both boys down for their morning naps, I looked around at everything I had to do. This is what I found:

Fingerprints - All over the fireplace, fridge, oven, sliding glass door, and yes, the stainless steel trash can. (I know that's gross).

Laundry - Overflowing all over the house. Mine and The Boss' laundry basket is literally exploding, with clothes cascading over the top. The boy's laundry is overflowing with dirty, slobbered on blankets, stained clothes, and bath towels.

Toys - Dragged all over the family room and the house. This also includes kitchen utensils, which are taken from drawers and cupboards and plopped in various rooms downstairs, as well as sippy cups, pacifiers, my bathroom things such as curling iron, brush, curlers, lotions, and towels.

I looked with an overwhelming smile on my face. The conference talk given on Sunday regarding the fingerprints, piled laundry, and scattered toys, being a time of joy that we will one day wish we had back, brought tears to my eyes. I love the fingerprints on my glass. I rarely clean them off, because they return again moments later. To me it says, "I have kids, and its okay if your kids put their hands on the glass too". The scattered toys will get picked up during nap time, taken out again later, then picked up again once bedtime has arrived. To me it says, "My kids have fun playing, and yes I let them drag their toys through the house, get into my kitchen drawers and cupboards, and play in my bedroom and bathroom closets". The laundry may take a day or two to complete, because it wont be a priority and I will forget I have clothes in there. Ironing may not get done for a few days, but it will get done and we will have nice clean, ironed, clothes. To me it says, "we have too many clothes".

I love my family and I love my life. There are no sweeter faces than these two. While I may have some hard days where I feel like pulling my hair out, I am mostly grateful that I can stay home and enjoy the everyday-ness of my sweetest blessings. So bring on the Fingerprints, the Laundry, and the Toys -
I LOVE them, and I will MISS them when they're gone.


Andrea said...

You almost had me crying...stop!! I loved this post and think you're so right--they grow up too fast and I need not worry so much about fingerprints and laundry and just enjoy them!

Christina Bess said...

What a lovely, inspiring post! I know I am guilty of not appreciating the "messes" in my house. I struggle a lot with feeling like everything always has to be done and then I feel overwhelmed. Your post has a new way for me to look at what goes on inside my house. If the clothes aren't washed all the time... oh well, they will be one day. If the fingerprints are all over... oh well, there's time later to clean them off. If Shyla's toys are all over (which they usually are)... oh well, I can pick them up when she goes to bed.

Katrina said...

Seeing you so happy sure does make me so happy! I love this post and everything you said! You are a great mom, I just wish that I lived closer to you to see you at your best!

Jenibelle said...

You know the big bookshelf in our living room? Every shelf has teethmarks in it, from the bottom to how tall Rachel is now. She would bite it all the time. The bottom shelves have little tiny teeth and the upper shelves has larger ones. I will always and forever have that in my house because it represents her growth. SIlly huh? But it means so much, like pictures of wonderfully used rooms filled with love.
You are a wonderful Mommy Brandi, I knew you would be!!!

PBJK Ussery said...

So true! I know what you mean! A song comes to mind... let them be little, 'cause they're only that way for a while... give them hope, give them praise, give them love everyday; let em cry, let em giggle, let them sleep in the middle... just let them be little.

Mine already seem to be growing up WAY to fast! Jackson is losing his baby look and sometimes it makes me a little sad. Keep up the good work in your neck of the woods with your little ones, cuz!

lots of love,

Bonnie and Brian Wayne said...

I had the SAME thoughts when I heard Pres. Monson.

The "Enjoy it now!" Thoughts!