Sunday, October 26, 2008

Focus please

When we attempt to do family home evening or scripture study, this is how my boys pay attention.
When I am having a teaching moment about animals, body parts, or food, this is how they watch me.
When I want to get some cute photos of them together, they both simultaneously look my way and listen to every direction I give them.
And when they have done something naughty, I sit them down and talk to them about their behavior and this is how they respond and take in my words of wisdom.

I have the BEST boys ever!!

Okay--- I lied. They're watching Elmo's World.

I can't get them to focus on me for one second. But once the red, furry, high-pitched voice, puppet comes on the big screen.... the eyes don't move.

I have a feeling these moments will be taking place for years to come. ugh.


Katrina said...

Seriously....what is it about Elmo?? Maybe you should invest in an elmo suit for Halloween! Isabella loves Teletubbies and John was wanting to buy us (me and him) some teletubbies costumes...FOR REAL! Oh and by the way...I got reamed for not doing something more for Johns 30th birthday after I told him all about you and Aaron (I was telling him how great you both look). I guess I owe him next year!

Colleen said...

Maybe you and Aaron need to perfect your Elmo impersonations. Then when you have a moment that they really need to listen to you, you can just start talking like Elmo and all will be perfectly absorbed! But seriously, I don't think we parents will ever get the true zoned-in attention of that wonderful and magical device called a TV.

Life on Pelican Street said...

LOL! Those faces were great.

Christina Bess said...

IF ONLY they watched us like they did Elmo. Shyla loves Elmo. She sings along with him too, it's really cute!

Jenibelle said...

Well, if those kids take after their parents in ANY way at all, you two are in for a fun ride! They are so, so cute.

The Jeffs Family said...

Yeah--that's boys for you! Except in a few years it will be video games instead of Elmo. I always throw in weird things when I talk to Justin and Parker while they play to see if they are listening. Stuff like "goat nipples" and such. What a great picture!

Bonnie and Brian Wayne said...

That was really funny. It IS amazing how the TV can capture such rapt attention and moms can capture pretty much the opposite!!!!

THat was a great post!

Jill said...

Just wait, first it's Elmo, then Barney, then Dora...It never ends! But I am grateful for those moments when they are enthralled by the tube! Sometimes as a mom, you need a moment to shower or balance the checkbook and without the help of these annoying cartoons, things would never get done!!!!