Monday, November 3, 2008


We had a fun and busy Halloween. Big Brother was our favorite college mascot... can you guess? COSMO! Mama's Boy was a little fireman. They were so cute! We went to a Halloween party with The Boss' family, carved pumpkins, went to the homecoming parade (totally lame) and finished things off at Grandma P's Halloween party. It may have sprinkled rain, but that didn't stop us! We had lots of fun and look forward to next year. Here are some pictures from our fun-filled Halloween celebration.
The Boys in their costumes!!

Carving Pumpkins. Mama's Boy liked chewing on the pumpkin scooper.

Trick or Treating!

Party time and TOO MUCH CANDY!!

Crash and Burn - Sugar high has run off!
The CUTEST boys in the WHOLE WORLD!!


Christina Bess said...

I love the tired picture of AJ. I bet those boys had a lot of fun! We took Shyla to Trunk or Treat and she loved it!

Life on Pelican Street said...

Cutest fireman ever! What fun! We missed not going to your mom and dads Halloween bash :(

Colleen said...

Leave it to the Lehikoinens to have a little Cosmo for Halloween! I love it! SUCH cute boys!

Jill said...

Goooo Cougars!!! I love that costume! I'll forever be a BYU Fan! Your boys are so dang adorable!!!! Happy Halloween!

Debbie said...

Hey Guys!
Your blog is so cute. so are you little boys! We have been playing a little phone tag lately. Maybe we should get each others emails and do our new addresses that way. Let me know.
Thanks, Debbie Mergenthaler

David said...

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Later Bro, David