Saturday, November 22, 2008

Hell... literally

Hell. I know its horrible to use profane words, but this was the most mild one I felt comfortable publishing to describe my (our) day today. My children are finally asleep. Snoring to be exact. But it took awhile to get them here. Following are the reasons my (our) day sucked so bad.

1. The day we were leaving for Utah we found out our "place of stay" had a contagious sick little boy. (Poor Blake. We hope he feels better). We didn't think it would be wise to take a chance on the boys getting sores in their throat and mouth. So we had to change things up last minute. Never fun.

2. We ended up having to drive through the day. I hate this. And after actually doing it today, I hate it even more.

3. We had to wake our kids up at 5:00am. My kids don't do well when they are woken up.

4. Those same kids did not ONCE sleep longer then about 20 minutes. Big brother took ONE of those, through the entire trip and Mama's Boy took about THREE.

5. Because they would not sleep they screamed. They cried. They threw things. They wouldn't eat or drink much. I have never wanted to throw myself out a window so badly. I SERIOUSLY have NEVER heard my children scream and cry so much.

6. Big brother peed through his clothes. Yeah... that was fun unloading luggage, getting him clothes, changing him in the car, while he cried. Really fun.

7. BYU lost. I don't even know what else to say about that.

8. We went to my brother's house to watch the game where family we hadn't seen in a while waiting to greet us. We tried putting Mama's Boy down for a nap and he SCREAMED bloody murder for over an hour solid. Big brother was throwing food and screaming at people. And I had to hear someone say... "I thought your mom said your kids were good? She said they never cry and now all they are doing is crying." You never want to hear that.

9. Our kids were being so horrible we had to leave my brother's early, I had to skip out on Midnight Madness shopping, and we decided to screw it, save everyone else, including ourselves the hassle, and get a Hotel for 6 nights. OUCH! We weren't expecting this one, but for our sanity, as well as others, its probably for the best. No shopping for me this trip.

10. When we finally got to the Hotel, we went to bath our kids and found a huge rash on Mikko's tummy and back. (My eyes roll). So he probably isn't feeling well... this should be fun. Good thing I brought the Tylenol. That's probably what finally knocked him out.

I have no idea how the rest of this trip will go. But so far, I'm in Hell. My poor children are so screwed up they are in Hell also. Traveling here, there and everywhere with one child is NO BIG DEAL! Two children has been quite a different story. Does this mean we are doomed from taking these trips for the next 15 years while our family grows? Is it just because they are so little? Whatever. We are FOR SURE driving home through the night. No more day trips. This is BY FAR the most frustrating day Tyhe Boss and I have had in 6 years of marriage.

Oh yes and that tops it off. Tomorrow is our 6-year anniversary. Happy Anniversary Honey!! I love you I love you I love you. Even in Hell.


Christina Bess said...

I'm sorry, I had a to laugh a little when I read your blog. I'm sorry you had to go through that, I know it's got to be a nightmare. But I am happy that I don't have the only child who misbehaves like that! I hope that Mikko feels better too!

Christina Bess said...

And Happy Anniversary to you both!

Christina Bess said...

I wasn't laughing at your blog in a bad way, I was laughing because I put myself in your shoes and thought about my life with the arrival of our newest child. *Sigh*

The Beans said...

That's horrible! We've had a similar trip where we were stuck on an airplane with everyone but me throwing up and diahrea!!! We ran out of clean clothes and diapers before we were able to get off the plane. GROSS!! Then Aliza ended up in the ER twice to get IV's to rehydrate...I hope this flight isn't a repeat of that.

Just think, every trip after this one will seem better.

Paige said...

WOW, that is hell. I'm so sorry for you. Except you may have the cutest kids ever.

Mike and Tiffany said...

That always happens to us, so I totally feel for you! I even just read this to Mike and he was kind of laughing, not at you guys, but because this all sounds SO FAMILIAR! We're just glad that we aren't the ONLY ones who have trips like this!!!

I sent you an email back... but COME STAY AT OUR HOUSE! Cancel your hotel! We have a whole basement you guys can have to yourselves!!!

Life on Pelican Street said...

The drive sounds like some good birth control for little promiscuous teenagers.

Colleen said...

Oh that all sounds so horrible! The drives do get better. We do them all the time. It is hardest for the under 2 crowd and you have two of those at once, so I am sure it was the hell it sounds like. I am glad you didn't throw yourself out the window, and if it makes you feel any better, we have had three, yessiree, THREE drives where not just pee, but POOP came out of the diaper and into the seat. Oh nasty! And we have also done the drive through the night thing, sometimes the sleeping is pretty bad on those too, but usually better! I hope the ride home is much more tame! And to whomever made the comment about the kids--:P HOW RUDE!