Tuesday, April 7, 2009

CREDIT CRISIS... seriously?

We are in a credit crisis!!!

People will do ANYTHING to get credit!

... according to my wonderful, handsome, slightly paranoid, husband The Boss.

The Boss has been having severe back pain. Not to go too much into it, he finally went in this morning to get cortisone shots in his back due to herniated discs. It is a pretty mild procedure. I was to drop him off at 8:30am, they drug him (of course), they give him the shots, then he would be ready to pick up at 10:15am.

When I went to drop him off, we said a little prayer before he went in, (just that everything would go smoothly), he asked me again (again, and again, and again) to make sure I was back here at 10:15am to pick him up, to keep my phone by me, in case something happens, and we all received a kiss and "I love you".

As we were stepping out he sat back down and started taking his credit cards out of his wallet.

Our conversation went something like this:

(The "real" Boss) "What are you doing?"

(The Boss) "Giving you my credit cards, I don't want to take them in with me."

(The "real" Boss) "Why not?"

(The Boss) "I don't know who will want to go through my stuff while they drug me up."

(The "real" Boss) "It's a hospital Aaron, I doubt someone is going to dig in your wallet and steal your credit cards while your on the table."

(The Boss) "People are desperate honey. Just hold on to them for me."

(The "real" Boss) "Okay..."

(The Boss) "Love you, see you at 10:15."

(The "real" Boss) "Love you too."

And I was handed a pile of credit and debit cards.

I just thought it was a little random... that's all. I suppose we are in a credit crisis and people are desperate. But as I drove away I was laughing to myself and thinking... seriously?


dntbaker said...

you know why i'm laughing so hard at this one??...
Because Devin has done the EXACT same thing to me.. and i just laugh and let him be paranoid

Hazen5 said...

He is so funny! I would never have thought to do that. But, my hubby would have done the same thing.

Delirious said...

Hey, you can't be too careful!

This is kind of similar, but recently I was asked to go house sit during a funeral. Evidently, there are people who read the paper and when they see the notice of a funeral, they go rob the house while the people are at the funeral!

Colleen said...

That is a great story! How funny! I guess extra caution can't hurt, but I certainly hope it hasn't gotten that bad!

Janell said...

That's too funny! Kevin would appreciate this. Better safe than sorry, right? :)

Joseph said...
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