Sunday, April 19, 2009

Car seats are only safe when used properly...

We have the BEST car seats for our kids. I did lots of research, online, in stores, talking to friends and family, and made sure that we bought the BEST car seats. BRITAX.

We have been 100% satisfied with our car seats. They are comfy, durable, and as safe as can be. Or at least I thought so until today.

On my way home from church, as I made a bit of an abrupt stop I heard a huge THUMP. I looked back at Big Brother to make sure he was still in his car seat. Now that he is getting older, he knows how to unbuckle himself, and I thought maybe he undid his straps and fell out. Nope. He was safe and secure. Hmmm.... must have been the stroller in the truck.

When I pulled into the garage and shut off the car I was completely startled by my little Mama's Boy, crawling up to see me down the center of the van.

HOLY CRAP! His straps came off in his car seat!! Theres no way he was able to undo them... that huge THUMP, was my child. Of course he sits directly behind me and I couldn't turn completely around while still driving to check and see if it was him that fell out. I never even thought to look at him, since there should be no reason he could fall out of his seat. DANG THAT BRITAX!! I could have gotten into an accident!! HOW DID THOSE DANG STRAPS COME UNDONE?!! Church is more than a couple minutes away, we're in the car for 15 minutes!! And why the heck didn't he cry? The kid didn't make a peep, and the THUMP happened only about 5 minutes into our trip!

Then it hit me. Did I strap him in? No. I strapped Big brother in. The Boss put Mama's boy in the car. The boss had just pulled up behind me (we have to take two cars to church). This is how it went...

The "real" Boss: "Hey, did you put Mama's Boy in the car?"

The Boss: "Yeah... why?"

The "real" Boss: "Did you strap him in?"

The Boss: "Of course I did!"

The "real" Boss: "Okay, well, I pulled in the garage and he was crawling down the center of the van. I heard a huge THUMP on the way home. So he fell out of his seat somehow."

The Boss: "Oh my gosh... I must not have strapped him in. Is he okay? I was talking to people and trying to get something for you. I knew I walked back over to that side for a reason, but then I started talking to Bean, and I just shut the door cause I couldn't remember what I went back there for."

The "real" Boss: "Great. So my kid falls out of his seat and I don't even notice? We could have gotten into an accident! Oh my gosh!!!"

Of course Mama's Boy was fine. And he Boss really felt awful. As did I. But Mama's Boy was happy and smiling when I found him on the van floor. He was having so much fun playing he tried to crawl away when I went to get him out.

So I guess BRITAX didn't let us down. Its still #1 car seat in my book. But just so you know... they are only safe when used properly. And when I say properly, I mean, when the child is actually strapped into it. They do fall out... when not fastened.

Friday, April 10, 2009

Those UTES fans are gonna get it!!

It has taken me a while to put this post up... cause as you all know... I am VERY lazy with my camera. But we got the BEST April Fools joke played on us... and boy are they gonna get it!!!

April 1st, Aaron walked out to his car and found this...

Incase you were wondering, this is what our cars usually look like...

If you know Aaron, or even if you don't know Aaron, you should know that BYU sports means EVERYTHING to him. Therefore, naturally, he genuinely HATES the UTES. No I'm serious. If he knows you like them, or went to U of U, or even grew up there, he will FOREVER give you a hard time.


Since it was the ultimate rival joke, and Aaron can appreciate some good rival humor, he has decided to keep it on his car for a month. I was completely shocked when he decided to do this... I thought he might immediately take it to the back yard and physically destroy it. But I think more than actually HATING the UTES, Aaron enjoys a good rival, and the fun trash talking that goes with it. So props and a "well done" to the Sorensons. We were had.
But I wouldn't laugh too much... Aaron's BYU wheels have been spinning, and I put nothing past him. So... you won't know when... or how... but we're coming!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

CREDIT CRISIS... seriously?

We are in a credit crisis!!!

People will do ANYTHING to get credit!

... according to my wonderful, handsome, slightly paranoid, husband The Boss.

The Boss has been having severe back pain. Not to go too much into it, he finally went in this morning to get cortisone shots in his back due to herniated discs. It is a pretty mild procedure. I was to drop him off at 8:30am, they drug him (of course), they give him the shots, then he would be ready to pick up at 10:15am.

When I went to drop him off, we said a little prayer before he went in, (just that everything would go smoothly), he asked me again (again, and again, and again) to make sure I was back here at 10:15am to pick him up, to keep my phone by me, in case something happens, and we all received a kiss and "I love you".

As we were stepping out he sat back down and started taking his credit cards out of his wallet.

Our conversation went something like this:

(The "real" Boss) "What are you doing?"

(The Boss) "Giving you my credit cards, I don't want to take them in with me."

(The "real" Boss) "Why not?"

(The Boss) "I don't know who will want to go through my stuff while they drug me up."

(The "real" Boss) "It's a hospital Aaron, I doubt someone is going to dig in your wallet and steal your credit cards while your on the table."

(The Boss) "People are desperate honey. Just hold on to them for me."

(The "real" Boss) "Okay..."

(The Boss) "Love you, see you at 10:15."

(The "real" Boss) "Love you too."

And I was handed a pile of credit and debit cards.

I just thought it was a little random... that's all. I suppose we are in a credit crisis and people are desperate. But as I drove away I was laughing to myself and thinking... seriously?