Monday, September 8, 2008

Go Cougars!!!

A big win for the BYU COUGARS!!! It was Mama's Boy's first BYU football game (on TV). The whole family dressed up BYU gearified... except for me because I had somewhere to go afterward and all I have are t-shirts, but I usually gear-up myself. Although this was a close game (only by a point), it was full of action. We had a lot of Boos, hi-fives, cheers, yelling at the refs, and crossed fingers (good block boys!) at our house. We love our BYU football and as usual, The boss is desperately trying to figure out how he can get back to Provo for a game. We'll see... But the Lehi family room will have to do for now. Go Cougs!!!

I thought this was fun:

Big brother a year ago for the same game
Mama's Boy
Big brother

Mama's Boy
So... do you think they look alike? They are exactly the same age when the pictures were taken and are obviously wearing the same exact thing. I am curious to know what you think.


Andrea said...

They do look similar...and you look HOT!! GO COUGARS!!

The Jeffs Family said...

They look like twins! That's how Spencer is with Parker--it's like I am cloning my kids. Crazy! It was a great game to watch. Makes me miss good old Utard.

Colleen said...

They really do look like twins! And GO COUGS! We are going to the BYU-Air Force game and are so excited! I hope they win, these Air Forcers are totally cocky even though I keep telling them BYU is the LORD'S University!

Jenibelle said...

Oh yeah...they look alike! Too funny. I was thinking of the #1 California BYU fan all day after I heard the score. Aaron was one happy fella I'll bet!!!

Life on Pelican Street said...

To bad I wasnt there to wear my red Utah hat!!!!

Bryan, Rachel, Ben and Tyler Nichols said...

I thought my family was the biggest BYU fans, until I met Aaron. Aaron wins! Yes, Mikko and AJ totally look alike. So cute!!! They both have you and Aaron in them, AJ more Aaron though. You look SO beautiful.

I HATE spiders too. Way scary. A couple weeks ago we had a cockroach in our bathroom and I screamed bloody murder. Bryan luckily came to the rescue and smashed his guts everywhere so I knew he was dead. Good luck, I hope you find the spider! :)

Bonnie and Brian Wayne said...

They totally look alike!

We are really excited about the season this year - I would love to go to a game! We ended our Wyview days on a depressing football note.

Now its getting really exciting!