Saturday, September 27, 2008


Yes, I am still here. We have been busy this week. Last night we attended the temple, where our friends the Bess' were sealed as a family. It was so wonderful. I was completely filled with the spirit, especially when they brought their little girl Shyla in. I had tears in my eyes. She cried during most of the ceremony (which is typical), but it was sweet and special nonetheless. Thank you Jake and Christina for allowing us to be a part of your special day. It always reminds me of how special my own sealing was... and still is. It makes me love my husband more every time I witness someone else receiving those same blessings of being sealed. And it especially made me think of my two sweet boys, whom I love so much. We are an eternal family.
Today I sat the boys in the shopping cart together for the first time. It was the "double wide" ones at Food Max that have two children seats. They looked so cute sitting so close together. Every time I would give mama's boy something to play with... Big brother  would immediately take it away. He also kept taking his borhers pacifier and putting it in his own mouth. But Mama's Boy caught on and started stealing it BACK! We were so proud.
I also watched the debate today of Obama and McCain from last night. It was predictable. I don't think one said anything I hadn't heard before. Their lines were the same lines they have been using in their speeches for the last several months. I don't think I really learned anything new about either one. I don't necessarily blame them. I have been following the campaigns for months now. I think I pretty much have my vote set in stone. Unless he goes out and does something ridiculously STUPID. I guess the debates are more for those who are still undecided or maybe haven't been following the news/campaigns. I'm not sure. What did you think?
I will also be taking a little trip. So wish me some good, much-needed relaxation. I am going to sit with a book and read read read read read. Tah-Tah!


Colleen said...

Oooh, enjoy your trip to wherever it is! I liked the debate, although it is true, there was a lot that I have already heard again and again. But it helped me feel all that much better about my candidate (who I think may be different than yours, but isn't that the beauty of America?!). The VP debate on Thursday should be quite interesting! What books are you reading?

Christina Bess said...

I'm glad you guys could be there for our sealing. To see familiar faces at the endowment session too was very comforting. We thank everyone for their prayers and support. It's been a long road and at times really tough but totally worth it! Now we can make others happy by doing work for those who can't do it for themselves!

Where are you going on your trip? Have a great time!