Sunday, August 3, 2008

A Blessing on a Blessing Day

Today our new little niece Kennadi Williams was blessed. She looked sweet as can be in her beautiful white blessing dress that Grandma Donna made. The whole Lehikoinen family was there, except Danielle's husband Curtis, who had to return to Utah for work. There is something special about attending a fast and testimony meeting with your whole family. We were able to hear the testimonies from a few members of the family... Aaron, Mike, Sariah, Alyssa, Emily, Courtney and Caitlyn... oh... I hope that was right. I did have to step out a couple times with Mikko... but I think I got it right. I think hearing someones testimony truly lets you see inside their heart. Can I say, I truly enjoyed hearing all your testimonies. It touches me to the very core that we have a family that can all sit together and share the same faith, values and love. Families are an interesting thing... aren't they? I just love my family. All of them. My little "Lehikoinen" family... the 4 of us; my "Barry Schwitters" family... growing up on Pondlilly Lane; my "BIG Lehikoinen" family... all the cousins and excitement; the "extended Schwitters" family... what a group, I think there are 60 and counting if we all get together; and my "extended Baker" family... who I do not see enough. I think we are so lucky to have each other. Some live close... others far away. Some I talk to everyday... others sometimes years go by. But I love you all and am grateful for the impact you have had on my life. I hope this will filter to my children and they can enjoy the blessings of family.

... So today we welcomed little Kennadi with a blessing. And what a wonderful addition she has been to my ever growing list of family members.

~Welcome little Kennadi, and may your life be as full of happiness, family, and love as mine has.~

The blessed family. Congrats!!

The whole lot of them

All the Lehikoinen cousins. What a cute little bunch.

The oldest leaving for college, the youngest a month old...

We have two tired boys here... can anyone say nap time?!

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Justin, Amy, and Grace said...

I didn't know you guys were bloggers! I'm so glad I found you. Your family is so adorable. Tell the family hi for me! P.S. I can't believe your neices and nephews are so old. I remember when Caitlyn and Brenly were just tiny little toddlers. They're all so beautiful and grown up now.