Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Open Wiiiiiiiiiiide... good boy

We are just now starting to feed Mikko baby food. He is a little small for the high chair (as you can see in the pictures) but he is getting better. He definitely is not a natural with baby food. AJ just opened his mouth right up and gobbled a whole jar the first time. He ate anything we would give him and NEVER spit anything out. He was SO NATURAL at it (What can I say he loved food... He was also SO CHUBBY). Mikko isn't sure he likes it. He tries to suck it like a bottle and it comes right out. UGHHH! So we use words like, "open wiiiiiiide... that's a good boy... keep it in... good boy!" I have ZERO patience. But here are some pics of his first try.

I also decided that AJ needs to start feeding himself with his utensils. I will usually put the food on the spoon/fork for him and then he grabs the utensil and puts it in his mouth. He has done very well with this method. But I think its time he learn to scoop it on the fork/spoon himself. So I gave him a bowl of cereal to start with. I thought it would be a huge mess. But most of the milk actually stayed in his bowl. He got frustrated that he couldn't get anything to stay on his spoon, so he decided to use his hands. But at least he is still holding the spoon. I was proud that he didn't get it all over the floor... I think he was proud too.
However, after being so proud that I had such a mature, clean, well-behaved little boy, this morning (day 2 with the cereal), he poured the bowl on his head and on the floor and threw his milk-soaked Apple Jacks on Mikko (who sits in his walker watching AJ eat every morning). Milk and Apple Jacks were EVERYWHERE!!!! I did not get a picture because I was so MAD and found absolutely NO humor in it at the time. But I do now. And we will try again tomorrow. I think I will keep a better eye on him this time. And if the milk does get all over the floor again, I will clean it up, just like I did today, and I will not take a picture because I will be too ANGRY, just like I did today, then I will laugh about it to Aaron that night, and try it again the next day. And hopefully the day will come when he picks up that spoon, scoops up his Apple Jacks and carefully puts it in his mouth... all by himself. And I will not have to clean milk off of his head, the floor, or Mikko - and I will proudly give him a big kiss and say "good boy".


Life on Pelican Street said...

Mikko and Aj look so much alike! What a cute story and a great way to develop patience.

Mike & Tiffany said...

That is hilarious! I catch Maddie doing stuff like that all the time... but on purpose! She likes to dump water or juice out on the floor to make "mud puddles" and then jump in them! Yep, it could be worse!!! :)

If he does it again, you've gotta take a picture! You'll love it later!

Hazen5 said...

Brandi, I didn't know you blogged! Your sweet family is so cute. The boys are growing so fast. I am linking you!!!

citymama1 said...

Hey Brandi, I saw your comment on Britt and Renee's blog and I'm a shameless blog link looker. :) Anyway, your boys are darling and you have such a great attitude about motherhood! I know how frustrating it can be, so finding the humor is a MUST! :)

Take care,

Erin (Olson)

Leslie said...

just put a little bit of milk in the cereal then when they dump it, it is not such a huge mess.
That is what I do for my little ones because I don't like cleaning up the mess.
It works rather well.