Friday, August 22, 2008

Hairspray for HAIRSPRAY

Oh how I love HAIRSPRAY. Tonight I am taking Aaron and his Mom to see HAIRSPRAY at the theater. I have already seen it and absolutely LOVED it!! Personally, I think the movie was below par compared to the exciting Broadway rendition (no offense John Travolta). I had to drag... literally drag, Aaron to see Phantom at the theater and how well do you think he liked it? He LOVED it and constantly wants to see it again! I have a feeling he will feel the same after seeing HAIRSPRAY tonight. I swear I know my husband better than he knows himself. And not to add confusion, but I do love hairspray. Now I am talking about the actual hairspray I have sitting on my bathroom counter. My sister-in-law introduced me to the Tres Semme aerosol can Extra Hold (Thanks Sariah). With an easy push of my index finger it lightly mists my artificially colored blonde hair and helps shape it into whatever I have done for the day. Sometimes strait, sometimes curly, sometimes extra curly, sometimes braided, sometimes up, sometimes down, and all around. Tonight I think I will go curly and up- perhaps a french twist with curls pinned to the top and sides of my head, lightly misted by my wonderful Extra Hold Hairspray for my night out to see HAIRSPRAY.


Life on Pelican Street said...

Really enjoyed the play...havent seen the movie yet but I really want to . Wait a min..thanks for a good friday night date idea...I'm sure Ben will love it!LOL

Justin, Amy, and Grace said...

Husbands are hilarious, aren't they? A few years ago I really wanted to see Wicked so Justin reluctantly bought tickets for us to see it in Chicago and what do you know? He loved it! I haven't seen Hairspray yet (play or movie) but it's on my Netflix list and my sister and her kids love the movie and the soundtrack is about all they listen to in the car. Have a great time tonight! I'm jealous you have theaters nearby.

Colleen said...

You can tell Aaron it is OK to like musical theater...Adam loves it too. Maybe they should form a club...MFMT, Men for Musical Theater! I haven't seen Hairspray, but loved Phantom and Les Miserables is Adam and my fave. Your post on how to gain 20 pounds was pretty much the funniest thing I have ever read. I personally loved the brownie mix one, since I do that every time! And you have always looked lovely by the way, and look incredible having babies BACK TO BACK, so don't be so hard on yourself!