Saturday, August 9, 2008

Piggies. the roll over, and YOUR BALD!!

Last Sunday Mama's Boy suddenly started grabbing his piggies (feet). Now he does it ALL THE TIME. Yeah... a small milestone for him! I think he looks so cute while doing it.

The roll over:
So about 2 weeks ago Mama's Boy rolled over for the first time. He has only done it about 10 times since then, but this is a picture of him getting ready to roll over onto his back... which is unusual. He will usually only do it stomach to back. He doesn't like being on his tummy :)

It is almost 100% official. Mama's Boy is bald. He has some wisps of dark hair barely holding on, but I think I can confidently say most of it is lost. He looks like a little Yoda to me. And the ears are protruding out farther and farther. However, I still think he is the most adorable little 4 month old. And of course he doesn't seem to mind he has lost his hair. Now I am anxiously waiting to see what color it grows back as... dark, which is how it came out... or blonde like big brother. Only time will tell...


Janell said...

Oh he is such a cute little 4 month old. I think he looks good bald :) And I love AJ sweeping. Rylan has always been a big fan of the broom and he likes to try to sweep the dirt into the pan while I hold it. Aren't these little ones so much fun?

Colleen said...

Mikko is such a little cutie, bald and all! That smile sure lights up his whole face!